Warframe concept: Buloke the Elder, Warframe of dreadful Earth

Warframe11 - Warframe concept: Buloke the Elder, Warframe of dreadful Earth

"While physically more limited, Buloke makes up for it with terrifying abilities that recall of a brutal Earth."

While Titania is more fairy-themed (i mention her because of the theme of the quest you get her from), Buloke is more focused on the scarier parts of nature, the most terrifyingly dangerous.


The first thing noticed is a giant wooden scarf-like collar that is so large it goes to cover his shoulders and most of his front torso. A wide moss cloak grows from the scarf's protruding part on the front and goes to cover up until his knees. His legs (for what you can see of them) are skinny and wrinkled. His helmet's shape has 3 loki-like horns on each side, the lower one ending in an upward accent, while the higher one in a downward accent. The "face" part of the helmet almost resembles a Witch Doctor's mask, but with the beak bended downwards instead of protrudent.

STATS: 25 shields (75), 100 health (300), 800 armor, 0.8 speed, 155 energy (232)

PASSIVE: Adaptation Curse

The days spent in toxic environments others have nightmares about pay well.

  • For 6 seconds after taking a status proc (or is protected against it if he's immune to procs), Buloke gains 25% damage reduction and 25% damage conversion into Energy.


  • Hives are tiny interest points (that look like bioluminescent Bulbs growing roots on surfaces) that Buloke can generate with his abilities. They are crucial for how his 4 ability works.

  • Hives can be powered up with Buloke's abilities. They have 4 stages of evolution, each one of them adds 1 extra bulb to its look and makes its roots longer and slightly thicker, so you can see clearly a Hive's stage by its looks.

  • Hives have a passive power of their own:

  • Within 7.5 meters away from themselves, Hives drain 10 health off enemies dealing it as True damage (ignoring armor), and convert it all as health pulses per second for allies (if 5 enemies are near the Hive, an ally near the Hive will gain 50 health every second). The effect caps at 50 health per second and doesn't stack by having more than a Hive in the same area.

  • This effect's range increases by 2.5m for each Stage, having a cap of 15 meters.

  • There can be a maximum of 30 hives in the map. Once a 31st is generated, the oldest one bursts out, with effects explained on the 4th power's details.

1. Spiky Roots, 25

  • Casting will send out 3 spiky roots in random directions within a 40° wide cone. These are 2 meters wide and 12 meters long, and remain on the ground for 20 seconds. Whenever enemies walk on them they get staggered and take small Slash damage.

  • The more enemies try to step on the roots, the more attention they gain from enemies. After being stopped 3 times, enemies are guaranteed to be distracted and will shoot at the roots to dispose of them, losing all attention towards Buloke.

  • Each root is made of 12 segments, each segment has only 20 health, BUT overkill damage dealt to one segment is added as extra health for all other segments, so it's always harder to get rid of a Root.

  • Enemies killed while staggered by the roots have a 40% chance to become Hives.

2. Empower, 25

  • When targeting a Hive, it will pass on to the next stage. Casting on Hives with a higher Stage decreases energy cost (stage 1 to 2 uses 25, 2 to 3 uses 15 and 3 to 4 uses 10 energy)

  • Casting on an enemy will grow on it a mini-Hive, which has a Hive's passive effect albeit with 50% strength and range. Killing that enemy has a 30% chance of turning it into a Hive, but killing him while staggered by Spiky Roots increases that chance to 100%.

  • Once the target is dead, the mini-Hive spreads to a random enemy within 10m of the target, whether an actual Hive was spawned or not. This spread can repeat itself for 3 times.

3. Power Drain, 10

  • When specifically targeting a Hive, Buloke will decrease its stage and use no energy.

  • Otherwise, Buloke casts within a Hallowed-Ground-like AoE that is 20 meters long and 8 meters wide. When the area only hits Hives, they all get their stage decreased by 1.

  • When at least one enemy is hit, the energy cost becomes 50 and the AoE applies an Adaptation-like nerf on them for 30 seconds, meaning their attacks deal always less damage, decreasing by a max of 75% over 5 hits (each hit decreases damage by 15%)

4. Full Scale Epidemy, 100

  • All the hives burst out, and release the beasts within them. Depending on a Hive's stage, different kinds of wildlife will come out. They all remain in the field for 25 seconds.


  • Stage 1: 2 quilled back Vultures come out of the Hive. When an enemy is killed near their patrol radius of 25 meters, they feed off the corpse. Based on how many corpses they consume, when the ability is over, Buloke gains from 40 to 65% damage reduction for 20 seconds.

  • With each corpse consumed, the Vultures' damage also increases. They only attack enemies that try to attack them, when they spot them consuming a corpse. Their damage goes from 250 to 650 Slash.


  • Stage 2: A scorpion/octopus hybrid slightly bigger than a Sentinel quickly latches to an enemy with its protrudent hook, and starts attacking it, while also making nearby enemies attack the target, to try to get the beast off of it. The continuous attack deals 250 Toxin and 300 Slash every second.

  • While this is the only beast that can't get its damage increased in any way, has a healthbar (750 health) and can die before its timer runs out, it will always drop a Hive on death, whether it is by kill or expiring duration.


  • Stage 3: A swarm of locusts patrol the area around the (former) hive attacking anyone that comes close with extreme lethality, continuing attacks even for 10 seconds after the enemy leaves the area. They deal 150 damage per tick, with a fire rate of 4 ticks per second

  • When Buloke deals damage with weapons to enemies already being targeted by the locusts, 5% of the hit's damage (before being reduced by armor) is added to the locusts' damage per hit


  • Stage 4: 5 Karox (feline-canine fox-like creatures, they look very skinny but as if they were 95% muscle, have long, pointy ears and nose) come out. They initially are small, but with each kill a single one makes, they all grow in size and danger. Their patrol area is 20 meters wide, but follows Buloke instead of the former Hive. They're as agile as Kavats, have a weaker version of the Kavat's armor removal attack (doesnt remove all of it in a single hit) and once they're Big Enough, can take down enemies like Kubrows for a much more powerful Finisher attack. Their damage goes from 100 to 800 Slash, their size goes from the size of a Ratel to being slightly bigger than a Hyena

  • You can cast Empower on one of these beasts, and they will collectively generate 2 hives on death, spawned so that their effect's range covers a lot of space together.


  • When a Hive bursts out because it was replaced by a new Hive (as said above), the beasts released will only have a third of the duration and strength.

*- This ability will also make mini-Hives generated by Empower burst out, and let out a different kind of beast: a tiny little insect as hard as stainless steel and quicker than a max strength Volt. It attacks nearby enemies by just dashing through them, staggering them, dealing 200 True damage and forcing a Punncture proc. This insect remains on the field for 15 seconds.

*- A maximum of 3 insects will come out of mini-Hives, while any mini-Hive other than the first 3 will not be affected.

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