[Warframe Critique] Frost: Adding an Effect Cold Procs and Ice Wave Major Change

Warframe7 - [Warframe Critique] Frost: Adding an Effect Cold Procs and Ice Wave Major Change


  • Frost is a viable staple for defensive-objective missions and gameplay. This ice-manipulating Warframe locks down areas and can defend multiple areas at the same time.
  • Snow Globe is a more versatile and an overall beefy defensive ability in terms of Health and being able to create up to 4 domes at a time all over the place. This and being able to increase the Health of the Snow Globe
  • Avalanche is a quick stun ability with temporary Armor Reduction which makes it very useful in higher level content
  • All of Frost's Damaging Abilities have a 600% Chance to proc Cold. Freeze and Avalanche are abilities that cause the "frozen solid" effect.


  • There is a lot of complaints about how BAD Cold's Status Effect currently is and how it feels counter-intuitive to the fast-pace feel of Warframe's gameplay.
  • Frost's Passive…there is already too much to say about this one from the community's opinion on it
  • Ice Wave seems very underwhelming and with the Augment for it, it just becomes a wider-version of Frost's 1st Ability: Freeze
  • Snow Globe does prevent attacks from allies from "entering" the dome which has been a bit of a frustrating topic for some players that play with Frost.
  • Avalanche's Augment : Icy Avalanche's protective effect can be rather useful but the amount of protection it offers grows ineligible in higher levels


Frost's gameplay is on the more sluggish and stationary side where the more famous builds rely on Frost's Snow Globe and/or Avalanche for Armor Stripping. This feels fine with the general community, but adding in a bit more to Frost's 2nd: Ice Wave is something that should be done. There is also some of the Augments for Frost that feels needs some changing to or some buffing required.

Adding a bonus effect of Cold is something that feels needed before any changes to Frost should be suggested.

Overall, slightly improving the speed of Frost's gameplay and the effects of his abilities are a few touches I'd like to idea on.

Added Effect to Cold: Enemies under the frozen effect of Cold received additional Critical Damage based on the Cold Stacks .

Cold already has a strong enough slowdown effect. Suggesting something like Armor/Shield reduction to Cold's Status Effect would be asking a bit too much and would also conflict with what Frost's Avalanche already does and what Gauss's Thermal Sunder pulls off in terms of Armor Reduction. The core idea is to give Cold the illusion that it slows down materials in an atomic level making things fragile. I also don't believe having Cold outright inflict "frozen solid" state would be wise since I feel it would also conflict and undermine Frost's 1st and 4th abilities and other "petrifying" abilities some Warframes have.

10% of damage done to frozen enemies within 50 meters adds bonus Armor to Frost which lasts for 12 second. Every new instance of damage stacks the Armor gained and resets the duration. .

Freeze's frozen floor patch expands overtime for 4/4/5/7 seconds upon the projectile exploding on impact.

  1. Update damage to 400/550/750/900 and staggers enemies on hit

  2. Ice Wave now deals not only Cold but also Slash/Puncture damage Status Chance remains 600%

  3. Ice Wave not PULLS enemies hit toward Frost

  4. Gain +XX% Heavy Attack Wind Up Speed per enemy hit by Ice Wave

Ice Wave freezes enemies solid if they are over 50% of Ice Wave's range.

Snow Globe destroyed by Freeze will now freeze solid all enemies inside the dome upon destruction and enemies 3 meters nearby the Snow Globe.

Snow Globe no longer blocks ally Weapon Attacks/projectiles from the outside. Shots fired from inside Snow Globe gains 25% Critical Chance. Shots fired from outside Snow Globe gains 50% Status Chance.

Increase max base Armor Reduction to 60%

Can hold/charge the ability up to one second increasing Avalanche's Range and Armor Reduction.

Icy Avalanche's protective coating is instead protective charges with each charge preventing any instance of damage. . Each enemy hit by Avalanche will add +X.X Charges to Frost and allies.


  • Having Cold improve Critical Attack Damage to make it a bit more suitable though more situational in therms of having players capitalize on frozen targets.
  • Changing Frost's passive to affect his Armor ratings also work in synergy with his Snow Globe's resulting Health and improves Frost's sustainability outside of Snow Globe
  • Buff the CC potential of Frost's 1st to cover the CC potential Frost's 2nd Augment covers currently.
  • Crowd Gathering utility has a growing use in making most missions quicker and easier to deal with. Improving the pacing for Frost's gameplay by adding pulling CC into Frost's 2nd as well as supporting Heavy Attacks which could make Frost's gameplay more appealing for slower weapon attacks
  • Improving the defensive effect of Avalanche's Augment as well as reducing the Strength Modding required to have a more effective Armor Reduction Attack
  • Adding an optional way to handle the issue with attacking enemies in Snow Globe with an Augment while offering bonuses based on where you attack from.


  • Do you feel Frost needs a little more mobility in terms of how he performs?
  • With Heat Damage gaining Armor Reduction in its Status Effects, do you think Cold deserves an additional effect to its Status Proc?
  • What are your current thoughts on Ice Wave and its Augment?
  • Do you sometimes feel frustrated with being unable to attack enemies from outside Snow Globe compared to the less restrictions Gara's Mass Vitrify has?
  • Do you find needing to stack a lot of Power Strength to get the best out of Avalanche a bit too much?
  • Snow Globe currently allows damage to be dealt to the frozen enemies that collide with terrain. What are your thoughts about this particular utility?
  • What are your thought on the idea of Cold Procs completely freezing enemies solid in higher Cold stacks?

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