Warframe has the best movement system in the industry

Warframe7 - Warframe has the best movement system in the industry

I’ve been a part of this galactic war for a good 5 years now, and I can still say with utmost certainty that, in my honest to God opinion, Warframe has the best and slickest base movement system in the biz. From bullet jumping, to sliding, rolling, air gliding, wall skipping etc., everything you do just has such a… Tactile and graceful nature to it that really helps in driving home that you’re a space ninja demigod, that can blitz from one end of a mission to the other, all in the matter of minutes.

There is absolutely zero delay in whatever maneuver you decide to do; it’s fluid, precise, and just plain fun. I love sniping in Warframe (whether it be with an actual rifle or not), and a big part of the reason why is, aside from the excellent gun play, that I can accurately and precisely get into whatever sniping spot that I want without any hassle. All it usually takes is a single, upwards bullet jump and bam, I’ve found myself a nice little cheesy spot to dig some holes into Grineer or Corpus heads. I just love how I feel completely in control of whatever I do, and that whenever I mess up a jump or miss a ledge, 99% of the time it’s my fault and not the game’s.


And now, we get to the most satisfying part of the movement system: Chaining. Chaining honestly just feels like a clear extension of what you’re doing, and unlocks a bunch of new avenues for one to really get creative in how they navigate and exploit the various landscapes. It gets to a point where chaining becomes second nature, and the fact that you can chain together most of the moves in one proper go, is incredibly satisfying.

The great thing about Warframe movement mechanics, is that it’s pretty easy to pick up and learn quite quickly. You can be a brand new player, and within maybe a good hour of playing, be bullet jumping all over the place. But, what is also great about it, is that it’s fairly difficult to really, “master”. Really knowing the ins and outs of every mechanic and how to hone and exploit all of them does take time. But, by God, once you get it down… You’ll be chaining together complex maneuvers, and pulling off some seriously nasty ass, and outright disgusting trick shots that’ll make you whoop and giggle like a damn school child.

Absolutely incredible movement system that DE has created for Warframe, and, if we can just get a reworked Archwing system to compliment that, we’ll reaaally be in business.

I give it five Tenno Skooms out of five.

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