[Warframe Idea] My Dream Frame

Warframe8 - [Warframe Idea] My Dream Frame

EDIT: As suggested by DE Support, I posted this on the forums as well:


I've had a dream Warframe idea since launch that has never been realized.

Frames like Rhino and Hildryn come close, but they don't reach the level of weight and bulk I'm thinking of.

Frame Name – Galamere, The Righteous Titan

"Destined for the thick of war, Galamere was created for the singular purpose of rallying his allies and overwhelming firepower. When the system needs aid, the Tenno arrive to uphold the balance. When the Tenno are in need, Galamere arrives to even the odds."

Summary and Thoughts:

The things that are missing from heavier frames are weight. All frames can bullet jump and sprint like ninjas. When Atlas' or Rhino's feet hit the ground, it makes the same sound as Volt and Harrow.

I understand a lot of the game is built around these core movement mechanics. However, I would love this frame to sound like someone running in power armour. Like they weigh nearly a ton.

A sprint that takes a couple of seconds to get to full momentum, only to become an unstoppable beef bus.

No bullet jump flipping, but maybe a burst of a jetpack or some sort of thruster.

No wall latching, instead he slams a spike or fist into the wall.

My idea is something like a Space Marine or the Doom Slayer.


Passive – Advanced Munitions: Galamere increases the maximum ammo of himself and nearby allies.

First – Daunting Shot: "Suppress the wicked."

  • Take one second to aim, then fire a large piercing projectile from any ranged weapon.
  • Enemies struck by the shot are marked by Galamere's Justice.
  • Can be charged for more damage or tapped for quick Justice application.

Second – Righteous Banner: "Rally to me!"

  • Galamere plants a banner in the ground lasting X in Y radius.
  • Allies within the barrier gain increased armour and minor health regeneration.
  • Enemies marked by Justice entering the area are staggered.

Third – Armour of Glory: "Thy attacks are as weak as thy convictions."

  • This toggle ability drains energy per second.
  • Every time Galamere is damaged, he gets an increasing percentage armour buff.
  • When the armour eventually reaches its limit, it explodes with force, knocking enemies down and dealing damage based on the stored damage.
  • Enemies marked by Justice that strike Galamere are knocked down.
  • The process of buffing and storing damage restarts if the ability remains toggled.
  • Galamere is vulnerable during the early stages of the armour buff, but the damage will eventually turn to a trickle until it explodes outward.

Fourth – No idea!

I've thought about this ability so many times, but I cannot find anything that isn't the same-old.

An exalted minigun? A fire-rate reduction but damage increase?

A huge bomb that he launches from his weapon?

I don't know. Any ideas or thoughts would be welcome.

I was hoping DE would come up with something neat when they adopt the idea. 😉

Because that'll happen.

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