Warframe is basically PAYDAY 2 and you can’t tell me otherwise

Warframe15 - Warframe is basically PAYDAY 2 and you can't tell me otherwise

For those of you, who invested to many hours into these two games, I must share my revelation about why I had a strange feeling of familiarity. (obvious spoilers ahead)

  • both games were developed by studios in cold, northern countries, famous for their living conditions and health care (WF – Canada, PD2 – Sweden)
  • both games were released in 2013, as a hollow shell of a game, because the respectable studios (WF – Digital Extremes, PD2 – Overkill/Starbreeze) were at the brink of bankruptcy and so needed a minimum sellable product ASAP
  • both games were and are still sustained by the passion of their communities for the game, enabling constant updates and extensions to the franchises, expanding the initially hollow shells into a full fledged experiences
  • both games have their very own community centered event (WF – Tennocon, PD2 – Crimefest) which revolves around introducing new content both devmade and fanmade (WF – Tennogen, PD2 – community safes) to the game
  • both games mainly consist of 4-player coop missions, where the objectives are basically always about stealing something or assassinating someone
  • in both games, during missions/heists, an enigmatic mentor-like figure provides the objectives and guides the players (WF -Lotus, PD2 – Bain), where most objectives are as simple as defending something or fetching something from A to B
  • both enigmatic figure is voiced by an original and beloved member of the dev studio (WF – Rebecca, PD2 – Simon Viklund)
  • in both games, during missions/heists, there is an endless swarm of easy-to-kill enemies that constantly flood the map, or alternatively a stealth option, including motion detecting lasers, drones and cameras
  • in both games, the higher level scaling of enemies is atrocious and broken, making the higher difficulties (WF – Steel Path, PD2 – Death Sentence / One Down) into a niche and unenjoyable experience for many
  • in both games, there are like a gazillion weapons distributed across Primary – Secondary – Melee, which are all viable to play with, but most of us are only interested in the powercreep-meta weapons
  • in both games, your player character is defined by inherit skills (WF – abilities, PD2 – perk decks) and can be further customized by a specialized build (WF – modding, PD2 – skill trees)
  • in both games, completing every content is basically unheard of for many players, because it is designed to be played like forever (WF – Mastery Ranking and the metric tons of equipment, PD2 – 1200+ steam achievements and Infamy 500)
  • both games are praised even outside of their communities for their unique pieces of music (WF – them corpus themes, PD2 – Simon Viklund)

And finally, some for the lore:

  • both games started out without any actual story, that later had to be scraped together by fans and devs alike
  • both games have an awfully convoluted way of telling its story, scattered across multiple media and collectibles (WF – fragments, trailers and comics, PD2 – FBI files, webseries and promo videos)
  • both games, after getting their stories together, introduced a Lovecraftian horror element (WF – man in the wall, PD2 – nephilims)
  • both games set up the enigmatic mentor figure to be captured by the enemy (WF – sentients, PD2 – Kataru) who we have to save, and in the meanwhile is replaced by another character (WF – Ordis, PD2 – Locke) giving us the mission objectives
  • both games introduced a mysterious virus that is basically a zombie virus (WF – infestation, PD2 – the Left4Dead virus)
  • both games introduced immortality through "body hijacking" (WF – continuity, PD2 – the ark of the watcher)
  • and last but not least, both games have an absurdly large iceberg meme that dives into things and theories that only true veterans or true lore enthusiasts may know

I rest my case.

P.S. I literally haven't slept because my brain couldn't stop collecting the things these games share.

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