Warframe Is Built On A Broken Foundation

Warframe7 - Warframe Is Built On A Broken Foundation

On February 5, 2013, I was looking for something interesting to play and remembered
MjTq4dTxh1w - Warframe Is Built On A Broken Foundation

TotalBiscuit recently made a video about a free to play game that was in beta.

The amazingly unique esthetic combined with the mystery and great gameplay hooked me. While watching YouTube videos to understand how the game works, because the game made no effort to teach me, I discovered you can double the capacity of your weapons and warframes with so-called potatoes. How do you get them? Well, the developers had a stream every two weeks and they gave one for free each time.

Before I knew I was expecting the stream every time it was on because of the people, not the rewards, the game and the developers quickly became a part of my life. After being here for 7 years what I am about to say is because I care about the game, the community, and the developers.

The Foundation Is Cracking And No One Is Fixing It.

Warframe has become a bundle of unrelated, unfinished games that are mediocre at the core, except for the main corridor slash and hack shooter. There is close to no coherence or cohesion between them, every time they try to unite them they create another unrelated system and give up. The truth is that Warframe is not losing players because there is no big update, Warframe is losing players because the base game is weak, underwhelming and confusing, it has potential, but it is never accomplished.

Compelling Story

We have a story mode that Warframe ignores after you start. And even when you decide to play it, it feels like skipping through episodes, scenes are missing. We jump over all the solo movies to the Avengers type quests, it never builds to events, all the characters are underdeveloped to say the least. Take out everything you know and feel about the story from outside of the game and there is not much left. The codex page for the quests is just atrocious, there is no clear timeline between them and its missing at least half of what happened so far. Where are the events, are they not important? They had a story, we made decisions in some of them, why are they not quests now. Where are the cinematic trailers from youtube, are they not cannon? Why do I need to work on finding the story?

The relationship between characters is weak, downright nonexistent, the Tenno should care about the Lotus, but why should we? Because we know Rebecca? There is not enough there for a new player to get invested, but at least there is something with the Lotus, unlike what Teshin, a room that almost no one is visiting because we are not here to play PvP with Warframes, at least make it Corpus versus Grineer. What are the syndicates even doing, the original 6 have been added in 2015 if I remember correctly. Why are they still trying to kill us if we do not follow them but then behave completely normal when you do quests with them like we are best friends. How have they impacted the world after we joined them and maxed our rank with them? It is no small thing to have an unstoppable killing machine in your team.

How could this be fixed?

  • Warframe needs to rework the entire star system from zero and integrate the story into it. Creating an actual story campaign, playing it must be mandatory and seamlessly added in the gameplay without needing you to start any quest from a random page in a random side of your ship, it needs to not feel like work.

  • Junctions are too passive, they don't work in making the players understand what is happening, they are just locking content until they complete some unrelated tasks that they don't understand. Kill 20 Eximus, what the fuck is an Eximus, why do I need to do it, what purpose does it serve to the story. Why is a character not guiding you to do this, why are Junctions not hubs to interact with story characters and plan your actions?

  • More quests need to be made for the beginning and middle of the game, for every boss. What we currently have just rushes past everything in the middle and it is going for the end with a new Sentient war. And by the looks of what we got so far is felling small scale, just another event with no consequences. What? Are we going to lose The Lotus forever? I don't care about the character, the game did not make me care.

  • While you make your way through a planet you need to learn in every mission why you are going forward, whom are you killing, why are you killing them, we need more moments between characters. The boss of every planet needs to start interacting with you early, relationships need to be created between you, the player and the game characters. No, fanart doesn't count as world-building or character development.

At least try whit the Quest page…

Unnecessary Expansions


Warframe is still in beta after more than 7 years and the base game is nowhere to be done, with new, unfinished systems added every year, and old ones are forgotten. At the same time Destiny 1 and 2 were made by Bungie, they created two massive narratives that feel alive and change the world constantly through the story. It is true that there budget differences, but in the time Bungie made 2 games, DE dis not finish one. DE is now skipping to their "Taken King" expansion like DC jumped to Justice League after 3 movies. The New War is the Endgame of Warframe and for some reason, we are heading straight to it when everything else is dropped dead on the ground, this is the kind of quest you do when the entire solar system has been fleshed out so you can get a look of new players, this is the kind of quest that you do when your game is out of beta.

Every new expansion is shallow, unrewarding and because it takes DE at least a year to make one they add timed gates so you don't finish everything in a day because there is never enough content for more than a few hours. Expansions are hyped by the devs as being complex and interconnected with the rest of the game but every time they are underdeveloped with the promise of adding the rest later. Let's take the Kuva Liches, instead of adding what they have promised at Tennocon they jumped from Railjack to a The New War event. Scarlet Spear could have been the event that added back to the Liches everything they took out from the Tennocon version. Or The Plains of Eidolon, it has been remade graphically, but what it needs is a remake of the Eidolon fights, they also need to be at any time not only during the night.

The problem that DE has is that they got big fast but they are behaving like a small indie studio that is split into too many directions, but none of them is focused on finishing what they have so far. New players never understand half of what is happening and become overwhelmed, needing a wiki open, reading a user manual for game is not fun. Reviewers are giving great scores to the game because of its complexity, not quality, if you look closely when a reviewer remains too much they exit the honeymoon period and start to see the cracks. The game has so many massive problems that you cannot fix in a reasonable time by half-assing it.

  • The solar system needs to be finished by adding all the unique tilesets to every planet.

  • The story needs to be completed not continued, and integrated with the game, as it stands it is separated from the main system progression most of the time.

  • Syndicates need to be expanded on, they need to have an impact while we grow with them.

  • Open world areas need to be visited before you unlock them, they need to be hinted at more, they need more impact outside there nodes.

  • Liches need to become what they have promised, what they are now its a waste of time and sincerely offensive to everyone that supports this game.

And no, DE has proved they can't do this at the same time, they need to take it one by one.

No Man Sky Has Been Completed

A game released 3 years to early, one of the biggest failures in gaming but also one of the biggest redemptions has actually been finished. A team of 25 people that delivered on almost everything that they promised. DE has promised the sky as well many times but delivered another early access game every time. It's ok, they will add it in time, just as No Man Sky did… We all know this will not be the case, they will add the Corpus to Railjack and then jump to another solar system or the Void open world. Let us go back to a few things DE has promised they will finish:

  1. The Nemesis System

  2. The Orbs

  3. Nightwave

  4. Alignments.

We know they can deliver on everything they have promised we know its possible because we have seen them in there presentations, other games as well, it takes time to bring them to reality in a system that is not just an E3 trailer, and that is why they never do it.

It feels like DE as a company is still not sure on the game they are making, they are not learning anything from what they are doing, there is no vision for Warframe to be completed, only expanded on. They probably know that remaking everything, making it mesh together, making it on the same level of narrative and polish of similar games like Destiny is possible. But for some reason, they keep releasing new games like:

  1. Railjack A Space Combat Standalone Game In The Warframe Universe

  2. Plains of Eidolon An Open World Standalone Game In The Warframe Universe

  3. Its Sequel, The Orb Vallis.

Warframe needs to be remade, DE needs to spot adding new games to Warframe.

We need Warframe 2.

Everything that we have so far needs to be remade, polished and integrated, many will think that this will not be possible, Warframe is going to die without new content. We know that is not true, the game can take it, the developers can take it, we are at the point where new expansions give a gag reflex to players.

TotalBiscuit had often associated Warframe with a castle made on top of another castle made on top of another castle, the foundation will break if not taken care of. Well, we are finally here, no one cared to fix what we have, the foundation cant take another castle while DE is planning to add 5 more.

TL DR: Warframe is not one game, it is seven early access games that are never finished. DE needs to stop adding new games and start working on making Warframe.

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