Warframe made me miss my mom

Warframe13 - Warframe made me miss my mom

So it's gonna be a sobby post. When I was a child, my mother was a whore (like literally) and a drug dealer. At a very young age, I was taken away by child protective services and fostered by my grandparents. My mother remained mostly absent except in promises and it took me several years before learning to give up on her. I eventually got over it, or at least I told myself I was.

I've recently been unemployed and I was looking for something to do between job interviews. My grandfather, on my mother's side, had died not a long time before and I needed something to get away from my daily stress. I figure I might as well try that game I kept hearing about. So I installed Warframe.

To put it simply, I haven't gotten to my 50th daily tribute and I looking at above 500 hours. So I'd say it's ok. Then recently, I got to the cursed "Apostasy Prologue". Having read about it, and the Sacrifice, I couldn't bring myself to start the quest. Until, obviously, I did.


I hated every minutes of it. It wasn't bad, I just felt extremely displease at the whole scenario. Then my Operator asked Ordis to "hear her". And I cried.

Now, I'm not the archetypal macho dude that never cry, but I don't cry much in general. But somehow, this moment sent me 20 years in the past, and I was a child again, who missed his mom and wondered if she was still alive.

It's probably a mix of grief, anxiety, and lack of sleep, but it made me miss my mother like I missed her back then. I don't know where I'm going with this, but if anyone from Digital Extremes read this, well tell the team "good job", I guess.

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