Warframe needs more unique tile sets

Warframe10 - Warframe needs more unique tile sets

Buckle in, this is going to be a long one.

Here is where we stand with unique tile sets atm

PlanetTilesetUnique Mechanics
EarthGrineer ForestKubrows
LuaOrokin MoonCrossfire, Sentients, Puzzles
VenusCorpus OutpostNone
MercuryGrineer AsteroidCrossfire
MarsGrineer SettlementNone
DeimosOrokin DerelictVaults, Hazards
Phobos… Not UniqueNone
CeresGrineer ShipyardDrudges, Prosecutors, Hazards
JupiterCorpus Gas CityAmalgams, Hazards, Parkour
EuropaCorpus Ice PlanetNone
VoidOrokin TowerPuzzles, Vaults, Traps, Security
Saturn… Not UniqueNone
UranusGrineer SealabUnderwater Mode
Neptune… Not UniqueNone
Pluto… Not UniqueAmbulas
ErisInfested Ship / … Not UniqueHazards
Sedna… Not UniqueNone
Kuva FortressKuva FortressHazards, Traps, Security

Corpus Ship and Grineer Galleon should be sparingly used across all the tile sets. They’re simply a common second tile set to break up any monotony – never the primary tile set for a planet. The same argument can be made for Infested Ship – in which case Eris would need a new tile set.

Proposed Themes for Tilesets


  • Tileset Name: Corpus Hive City
  • Concept: A city that extends far below the surface. Lots of verticality like in Fortuna. Levels are more vertical than horizontal. You spend your time traversing down into the planet to complete the mission, then up out the planet to extract.
  • Reasoning: Phobos itself is tiny, only the size of a few cities stacked together.
  • Unique Mechanics: Let archwing be usable inside the city. Not full open world, but very large tiles packed together where archwing is usable to traverse the vertical distance would be fun. Have hover vehicles that newbies without archwing can take over GTA style.


  • Tileset Name: Grineer Stronghold
  • Concept: Heavily defended with many good fortifications for Grineer to hold. Lots of heavy weapon emplacements – with different types of weapons. Mortars, machine guns, rocket launchers, flamethrowers – all sorts of emplaced weapons. Not many environmental hazards, but many security systems that can be manually activated by Grineer. Enemy vehicles would be fun to fight.
  • Reasoning: Saturn is listed as the primary shipping route that the Grineer have blockaded. Grineer stronghold thanks to its strategic location.
  • Unique Mechanics: Lots of security systems that must be activated by Grineer manually – if you’re quick you don’t need to worry but if you get bogged down things might get hairy. Lots of different types of emplaced weapons. Heavy vehicles would be interesting here as well – can only kill them with archguns/necramech/emplaced heavy weapons.
  • New Mission Types: Potentially a new mission involving taking down a super heavy vehicle. Think Ropalolyst type miniboss.


  • Tileset Name: Indoctrination Temple
  • Concept: Large temple city. Heavily defended by the Corpus with many large and horrendously strong enemies encountered should you venture too deep.
  • Reasoning: Neptune is the home of the Corpus.
  • Unique Mechanics: Kuva fortress style defences. This must be a TOUGH nut to crack. Missions will mostly be horizontal, but there are vertical components to the levels as well. These vertical components are fiercely defended by much tougher enemies. If players don’t want to fight them, they can just stick to the upper level – but venturing lower earns more credits and has danger to match. Credit boosters applied based on the level where you encounter enemies – surface level enemies have no boost, next level down has some boost, next level has more etc. Enemy levels must scale based on these levels. If you go down too far you’ll face SP level enemies.


  • Tileset Name: Corpus Robotics Facility
  • Concept: Large production facility. Lots of complex machinery, moving parts, very easy to get killed via environmental hazards.
  • Reasoning: Pluto’s fragment talks about how it’s just a giant unmanned manufacturing facility.
  • Unique Mechanics: Only robots spawn. Several new robotic enemies unique to Pluto. Hyena and Raptors can make an appearance here as well as unique enemies you have to fight. Ambulas still spawns every now and then, but it has its own tileset room you have to find on each mission rather than the current method of having it spawn in the open via dropship. Environmental hazards would be everywhere If you stray off the beaten path. Very obviously not a facility designed for people to walk around in.


  • Tileset Name: Grineer Volcanic Arena
  • Concept: Large sprawling tile set with lava everywhere. Very open and difficult to find cover.
  • Reasoning: No good reasoning, just thought it’d be a cool aesthetic.
  • Unique Mechanics: Arena bosses sometimes spawn and challenge you to a fight. Killing them earns a single judgment point. Kela De Thaym has screens and cameras everywhere and will taunt you from time to time similar to the Worm in Kuva Fortress. Lots of environmental hazards, death pits, and cascading lava. Fire damage is everywhere.
  • Other: Similarly, the three Arena’s need to be reskinned to match the current theme. They layout can stay exactly the same.

Proposed Unique Mechanics for other Planets


  • Unique Mechanics: More animals. That’s it. Just more animals to see, vasca kavats at night, condrocs flying around, etc. It’s the first tileset in the game so it’s fine that it remains vanilla.


  • Unique Mechanics: More tie in with Fortuna. Solaris United operatives can be encountered on missions with their own quest which you can choose to join in on for a bonus reward and SU standing. Optional escort missions basically – the best kind. I’m thinking you escort them to a specific console, they do whatever they need to do while you defend them, then after the mission is complete and you get a reward, they follow you around like spectres afterwards and help you complete your mission.


  • Unique Mechanics: Mars already has the highest frequency of faction incursions, perhaps a more dynamic incursion could be included where Corpus invade part way through a Grineer mission or Grineer invade partway through a Corpus mission. Maybe not a full crossfire, but small squads which start fighting every now and then. Would also be neat to go from fighting Grineer in the first half of the mission to fighting Corpus in the second.


  • Unique Mechanics: Vor is the guy in charge of Mercury, and so it would make sense if we had some unique enemies here powered by some hybrid Orokin/Grineer tech. We’ve also got infested crossfire scattered around.


  • Unique Mechanics: Enemy and Allied Necramechs spawn in missions. Enemy Necramechs behind vault doors that need hacking, Allied Necramechs have a low chance to spawn in randomly in the larger rooms. Fallen Necramechs can be found occasionally, which the player can take over. If Necramechs aren’t allowed in regular missions, they will still be allowed on Deimos. This will help with carrying all four dragon keys, as they won’t affect the mech.


  • Unique Mechanics: Not sure. More cold procs? Environmental hazards? This is the only one I couldn’t come up with anything decent.

Proposed New Boss Fights


  • Current Boss: Vor & Lech Kril
  • Proposed Boss: A new character who oversees the shipyard. A super prosecutor of sorts that has invulnerable shields that can only be destroyed by using mining lasers. Three phase fight. First phase, destroy the current control system for the mining laser, it spazzes out and hits the boss – destroying his shield and leaving him vulnerable. Once you’ve knocked off the first third of his HP, you then need to grab and manually aim the mining laser to hit him, which knocks off the next invulnerable shield. Once you’ve knocked off the second third of his HP, he then gets some kind of power up. Just manually aim the mining laser again, and then finish the assassination.


  • Current Boss: Sergeant
  • Proposed Boss: Sergeant is fine, just beef up the fight. In the proposed tileset, it’d be a very vertical fight – could be a chasing fight where they’re mounted on a hover car and firing back at you as you chase after them. Possibly stopping at sections to fight before hopping on another hover car. Would be interesting and fun.


  • Current Boss: Infested Alad V
  • Proposed Boss: A new infested boss of some kind. Alad V being infested on Eris doesn’t make much sense with him being the boss of Jupiter. New players don't even know why – as most of Alad's lore is locked in past events. I don’t have any ideas for this one, feel free to suggest some below. The mechanics could even stay exactly the same – just a different persona.

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