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Warframe12 - Warframe Weekly Advertisement | Warframe Communities!

This thread spotlights various public Warframe communities outside of the subreddit!

Disclaimer: Members of the Warframe moderation team are not involved in the maintenance or running of these communities and don't have positions of authority in them.

This thread is a placeholder because the Wednesday weekly slot is currently unassigned. Please use this link to suggest a new weekly thread.

Discord Servers

English Discord Servers

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Discord Servers in Other Languages

  • Warframe Brasil – Um servidor brasileiro criado por Suporte! A Brazilian server created by Suporte!
  • Warframe Latinoamérica y España – Un servidor español poseído por /u/KrevoSCP! A Latin-American/Spanish server owned by /u/KrevoSCP!
  • Warframe Indonesia Community – Sebuah server indonesia dibuat oleh /u/queenque! An Indonesian server created by /u/queenque!
  • WarframeFR – Un serveur français créé par EvilShadowFR! A French server created by EvilShadowFR!
  • Warframe GER – Deutscher Warframe Partnered Community Discord erstellt von /u/Vanthenos_DSA! A German Warframe-Partnered Community Discord server created by /u/Vanthenos_DSA!
  • Warframe FIN – Suomalainen Warframe Discord joka on avoinna kaikille suomalaisille ja niille jotka puhuvat suomea! A Finnish Warframe Community made by /u/OkniolasPrime

If you have any suggestions for communities to add to this wiki page, want to report mistranslations or broken links, or want to help with crediting the proper creators, message the moderators!

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