Warframe’s Plot: Early Game Story [POSSIBLE SPOILERS]

Warframe2 - Warframe's Plot: Early Game Story [POSSIBLE SPOILERS]

Since the devs have made mention of wanting to smooth out the experience for new players, I'm interested to see if that covers the story side of things. The cinematic quests have been great so far, and the little hidden gems like the Ordan Karris story are deep and interesting, there's no denying Warframe's story suffers greatly until The Second Dream. Bosses anachronistically pop up as the left-behind of Operations new players never played nor know about, new concepts and enemies can be faced days before they're formally introduced in quests and the player is led in a confusing daze of repetitive missions until getting to the good stuff.

The Gas City rework shows good signs of switching it up, with Sentient Corpus tech serving as a tease for what's to come next, but we're still got a long way to go. So here's the question: what's the changes you'd like to see to the plot structure of Warframe? Here's my two cents :

– Vor's Story needs to be told: He's a great early game foil, and his possession of a Janus Key that brings him back again and again is interesting and foreshadows the wondrous tech of the Orokin before the player has access to Orokin missions or prime weapons, but right now it's a mess. After his introduction in the tutorial he pops up randomly in Mars and Ceres and then is Corrupted by the Void/Neural Sentry/Whatever and stays in the Orokin Towers. A more structured plot, including an explanation of Lech Kril's presence after his death, and maybe progression standarization would help. In general I think we need more Boss story outside of the little tid bits Lotus tells us before the mission starts (maybe a dossier/folder filled with info that the player can optionally read? A short video with the same content? IDK), but Vor is an absolute must.


– Alad V's story needs to be ironed out: Telling his stories through Operations was cool, but now that Operations are gone and impossible to replay it's left a mess. His Second Dream appearance has Infestation scars that hint at his healing in Tubemen Of Regor (another weird one since Regor clearly knows us during Hunhow's quest) and Lotus is calling in a favour from him (with no explanation how he survived getting splatted in Jupiter), yet the quest that shows us this Mutalyst infestation cannot be completed before The Second Dream! Plus, his healing is nowhere in the present game! It's egregious and I think it puts players off in a quest that's supposed to be the "big reveal" of Operators.

What're your opinions on the matter?

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