We are Screwed

Warframe11 - We are Screwed

The Tenno are screwed. The Grineer are screwed. The Corpus are screwed. The SENTIENTS are screwed. We are all Screwed Prime.

Why do I say this? Because of the Entrati lore, thats why. If you read all the lore from the Requiem platforms, you learn about Albercht Entrati and his experiments that discovered the Void. He opened a door to the Void, messed up, and ended up in a different "reality". In this other reality, he encountered a person who looked like a reflection of him, and this clone called him a childhood nickname, before approaching Albercht. Albercht was smart, and started running away, trying to get back through the door he came from, but was being constantly pulled backwards by the clone. Albercht makes it through and tells his daughter (the Mother from Deimos) to shut the door and she does so, but not before the fingers of the entity from the Void pass through into our reality. The door closes and chops off the fingers, which I presume are then cloned and manipulated to allow Railjacks to use the Void to travel large distances.

We know that Albercht discovered the Void and created the different technologies that allow us to utilize it, but he doesn't seem proud of this. He consistently believes that the version of him that came back through the door was not his original self, but the clone. He allows himself to die without taking on another body via Continuity, because he doesn’t want to let the "other self" to continue on. Before he dies though, he writes a poem that is… dark.

From brooding gulfs are we beheld
By that which bears no name
Its heralds are the stars it fells
The sky and Earth aflame

Corporeal laws are unwrit
As suns and love retreat
To cosmic madness laws submit
Though stalwart minds entreat

In luminous space blackened stars
They gaze, accuse, deny
Roiling, moaning, this realm of ours
In madness lost shall die

Carrion hordes trill their profane
Accord with eldritch plans
To cosmic forms from tangent planes
We end as we began

Scary huh? That isn't even the beginning though. We know what will cause the destruction of our reality. We know WHO will do this. The Man In The Wall. What is he? An entity from the Void who takes on our appearance and calls us "Kiddo," a childhood nickname. Sound familiar? This is the same guy Albercht met on the other side of the door. I am assuming that whatever Albercht did freed The Man In The Wall, and he is not here to help our little Tenno. In fact, he is here to destroy the universe as we know it.


Another scary bit incoming! We have only scratched the surface of the Void. When Albercht runs into the Man In The Wall, he describes the Void as "a vast broiling sea of caustic light pierced at random by black-pin stars. And closer, around me, a gale of flowing vapor. Profane in color, billowing relentlessly into the nascent lack, seeking all directions." It sounds similar to the Void we know, but I don't remember black stars and a sea of caustic light, just the flowing vapor and some ethereal light, but nothing that exactly matches his description. Plus, this Void is a whole other reality, what we have ventured into seems to be mostly the areas of the Origin System where the Void bleeds into ours.

The Tenno draw their power from the Void, the very thing The Man In The Wall seems to have absolute power over. Even he points this out when he says, "Remember, you’re nothing without me kiddo." The Tenno can't stop the Man In The Wall, in fact, he seems to be able to control us to some extent like we see in The War Within. This brings up a few questions like, "Why is he waiting to attack?" "Why does he want to destroy us?" "Are any of the choices we make really choices at all? Or have we been influenced by the Man In The Wall the whole time?" I can't pretend to know the answers to these. All I know is that whatever is coming to destroy us is something the Tenno are powerless to stop, and something that could perhaps use us as its soldiers. All I know is that we are wasting our time fighting the Sentients; they don't even compare to the scale of what is described in the poem.

All I know is that we are very very screwed.

P.S.: I am curious if any of you have thoughts on the Erra cinematic, as it had all of the Tenno shown acting in unison, and with red eyes, similar to those that we show when the Man In The Wall possesses us in The War Within. Also, I am getting a lot of Crisis on Infinite Earths vibes from this. A scientist who opens a portal to an alternate dimension unleashing a force capable of eliminating universes easily? Hmmmmmmmmm.

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