“We have more ideas than we have time.” -DE Steve

Warframe2 - "We have more ideas than we have time." -DE Steve

I was watching the last Devstream of the year today and Steve said this and it really resonated with me and I wanted to bring up a discussion here about the complaints I'm seeing popping up more and more frequently on this sub about this or that.

I think people don't understand how good we have it. We play a free game where the devs care more about us than every AAA title I've ever played in my life. They listen to feedback, they hear what we like and dislike and adjust accordingly, and they work their absolute butts off to bring us ENDLESS AMOUNTS OF CONTENT FOR FREE.

I'm not saying they are without faults, I am not a blind DE worshipper, but I do deliver credit where credit is due. I think that the next time that anyone wants to take some sort of trivial complaint to this subreddit, they should remember the words of DE Steve, "We have more ideas than we have time." There is a finite amount of time, and a finite amount of manpower that DE can make use of, and I believe people who don't, should start respecting DE for what they bring, rather than biting the hand that feeds, and coming up with some complaint about some new update.


Feel free to share your opinions below, I am feeling an oncoming cold so I doubt I will reply to many responses if any, but I will read them because I'm curious what this subreddit community thinks about what I've said. Love you all <3

Edit: Woah, didn't expect to get this much attention off of a semi sick, semi intoxicated stream of consciousness post. I see alot of disagreement which I was, of course, expecting. My whole point was that if you watched the final Devstream of the year yesterday, it was plain to see how much they love Warframe and this community, how eager they are to bring more content to us, and how much they try and give us what we want while balancing what they can actually give us without breaking the game. I think that while some players complaints that I see her are certainly warranted when it comes to larger bugs or when speaking about certain content, I also see alot of unwarranted hate over small stupid things. Like when people post "I finished all the content DE hurry the f*ck up with more content." Thanks for all the great discussions though guys, regardless of your opinions I'm still reading through them all and enjoying them nonetheless. 🙂

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