We need more Eximus enemy types!

Warframe5 - We need more Eximus enemy types!

Hi Tenno,

Seeing as there's a "Kill 100 Eximus Units" challenge up for this week's nightwave, I figured it would be a great time to discuss how the pool of possible Eximus types has not grown since their introduction into Warframe 5 years ago.

I think this is quite a missed opportunity, because enemy variety adds depth and challenge to games in general, and more newly added Eximus types impacts literally the entirety of Warframe, because it is a feature of the game that is present and relevant in almost all game modes.

Few other additions this small would have such a wide reaching impact on your Warframe experience, while also helping in keeping combat feel fresh.

So let's get to it. I'll start off with some random ideas:

  • Splitting Eximus – An eximus that creates 4 non-eximus enemies of the same unit type at it's location upon death.
    • Just a cool little effect 🙂
  • Necromantic Eximus – In a average sized area around it, it resurrects a recently killed non-eximus unit every x seconds
    • This means you should take it down fast to avoid it bringing back enemies you recently killed.
  • Sacrificial Eximus – Upon death, it grants increased damage, speed, and damage reduction to all other enemies within a radius
    • Kind of the opposite of Necromantic above, with this one you want to make sure there are no other enemies around it before you kill it.
  • Warping Eximus – Every quarter/third/half (whatever is more balanced) of damage done to its health bar will make it teleport to a random nearby location, where its health starts regenerating until it receives any damage again.
    • This means you have to move quick to find where it teleported to and start hitting it again before the regen invalidates the damage you've done already.

These are just some random ones I thought would be cool, but there is literally thousands of possible options, and if DE could even just add a hand full of new ones each year, it would introduce new fun and unique elements into your day to day Warframe experience.


So tell me, what kind of Eximus units would you like to see?

Tip: If you want a little bit of inspiration, there is A LOT that can be taken from ARPG games like Diablo and Path Of Exile. Have a look at their respective monster mechanics:

Diablo – https://www.ign.com/wikis/diablo-3/Monster_Affixes (Less variety but some cool ideas)

Path Of Exile – https://pathofexile.gamepedia.com/Monster_modifiers (MANY possibilities here)

Share your ideas Tenno!

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