Well I’m obsessed

Warframe12 - Well I'm obsessed

Tried this game previously over the years. Never got past the layers of complexity that used foreign terminology without explaining any of it well. Never got past the repetitive missions with little story. Never understood the weapons system and just kept using the starter weapons, never using blueprints.

A few days ago I saw the presentation they unveiled at Tennocon, and my mind was blown. Figuring I just had to be missing something, I reinstalled the game to give it another shot.

Something clicked this time around. I started off where I left off, a mere level 8 Excalibur frame with the basic weapons. Quickly got back into the same repetitive grind. But I stuck with it and researched some of the basics while avoiding a lot of the spoilers as much as I could.

As soon as I got to the third/fourth planet where you're introduced to the infested? Yea, that's where it all started clicking for me. The complex systems on the ship started making sense. I saw I received a quest to find my very own Kubrow egg. Excited, I dove right in. Got my egg, popped it into the incubator, saw a timer for around a day later.

Disparaged, I did more missions, a little irritated I had to wait to get my companion. Decided to try something new, so I went to Fortuna just to check out some of the "open world" content briefly to see what I had to look forward to.

Oh my god.


That cinematic that played, alongside "We All Lift Together", gave me chills as it played. I had no idea Warframe was hiding this level of quality within. Suddenly I was hooked on this game. I talked to a few NPC's, went out into the open world area, and quickly exited as I didn't want to spoil the content and wanted to do it when I was good and ready.

I logged off for the evening, suddenly very excited to play the next day.

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When I had the chance to finally play again, I entered my ship only to see my egg had hatched! And inside the chamber, growing, was a young Kubrow kicking its hind legs, dreaming. While not fully grown and ready for use yet, I suddenly appreciated the wait for what it was. I had several blueprints in the works, my own companion I had worked hard to obtain was being incubated, and I had set into motion the path before me.

Now I'm only on Mars and just started doing Void Fissures/Relics, and the games systems are all coming to me gradually and I couldn't be more thrilled. What I had initially dismissed as another looter shooter with repetitive mechanics began quite literally oozing depth and character.

Thanks for reading, I just had to share my experience over the last week playing. Well done Digital Extremes! I wrote this with "We All Lift Together" playing on repeat in the background.

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