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wfinfo.warframestat - WFInfo v9.3.0 Warframe Companion AppWFInfo v9.3.0 – 2020-07-04

WFInfo is a companion app for Warframe, based on the original WFInfo which is no longer developed. WFinfo is designed to fix a missing feature from Warframe, quick access to both Platinum and Ducat prices while selecting a fissure reward.

WFinfo provides recent platinum values from warframe.market of each primed item. This is accomplished all without affecting Warframe in any way. Adian confirmed in a forum post on the original WFInfo that using it will not get you banned.

WFInfo can be configured to display the results as an overlay on top of Warframe, or displayed in a window on a second screen. To make things easier, we created the Automation Mode, which will check if you are on the reward screen every second. If it detects that you are, it will activate the display for you instead of having to push your hotkey.

In addition to its core function, it has two informational windows:

The Relics window allows you to look at all relics and see how much plat they award on average unrefined, and how much more platinum it awards when refined to radiant. Fo some relics this is small because the high plat items are common rewards, and others it is large because the rare reward is the high plat item.

The Equipment window allows you to look at each prime equipment and its parts. It shows how much each costs currently on warframe.market, and also shows how much it will cost to purchase a whole set of equipment. You also can mark items that you own (this will show up on the results screen too), and it will adjust the total cost to only the remaining items.

For both of these info windows, there are many sorting options that allow you to find what is best for you. Also they have grouping features that allow you to see and sort all relics, or to only sort from one era, i.e. Lith.

There may be issues with upgrading from older versions. Contact us if you have any questions or need help

Fixes in this version:

  • General improvements to lower resolution images, 720p now is rather reliable but can still make a mistake here and there.

  • Better user feedback on what is happening whens something goes wrong.

  • Better settings screen, allow the user to toggle more features previously only exclusive to the settings.json

  • Snap it will now list ducat to plat efficiency

  • Some optimization (Reliably under 200mb of ram now! almost halved!)

  • A credit page for the developers

  • Better performance for auto with warframe not running.

New features: * Warframe market web socket integration. Online/in game/offline status automatically handled * Warframe market web socket integration. Online/in game/offline status automatically handled Having WFI open will set you to online in WFM.


Having warframe open along side will set you ingame (note, you'll have to press the activation key if you run warframe after WFI)

Having not clicked/typed anything for 15 minutes will set you to offline.

  • List it, a new and faster way of listing items on warframe.market.

When you run a mission WFI will store the results and the selected reward. Activate it either by having auto detected an end of mission or manually press the button on the main window.

A window will appear with the rewards that appeared on screen. It gives the option to select something else if the auto detection failed. Below are the top 5 listings for the item, allowing you to make an up-to date listing where you will neither get underpaid or never have it sell at all!

  • Search it, A way to quickly create a listing out of thin air! Use the new hotkey tilde, `, by default. Or by clicking the search icon in the main window.

Running search it will spawn a text box in the center of your screen, allowing you to type in a prime item, only prime items are supported as of now. This is currently not subject to change. After hitting enter a list it screen with the item will apear.


  • Run the exe

  • Open the settings window by clicking the cog icon

  • Enable the options that you wish, you can also change the hotkey.

  • If you use custom scaling, change the scaling percentage check "Detect scaling"

  • Enter a Fissure mission and get to the reward screen

  • Press the hotkey (Print Screen by default), or if Auto Mode, wait for the rewards to display

  • An overlay or window will appear for each part with Plat and Ducat values

Requires: Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2019
VC redist.x86 - WFInfo v9.3.0 Warframe Companion App

What's to come:

  • Improved inventory handling, allowing you to manage what you own and what you have listed.

Current known issue:

Any DPI scaling that is not 100% may not reliably work, we are currently looking into the problem.

Contact Info:

Kekasi: u/RandomFacades (Reddit), Kekasi (Warframe), Kek#5390 (Discord)

Dapal-003: u/Dapal-003 (Reddit), Dapal003 (Warframe), ダパール・Dapal-003#0001 (Discord)

Dimon222: u/dimon222 (Reddit), dimon222 (Warframe), dimon222#8256 (Discord)

Discord: https://discord.gg/qfd3eFb

Website: https://wfinfo.warframestat.us/

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