What DE has achieved with Fortuna’s exploration is mindblowing to me

Warframe15 - What DE has achieved with Fortuna's exploration is mindblowing to me

I missed Fortuna's release and most of Warframe over the past 5-6 months due to time constraints so I've only recently was able to jump back fully and experience what Fortuna has to offer. We all have been constantly saying how Warframe is probably the best looking F2P game out there but if Fortuna doesn't solidify that I don't know what does.

I want to mention Shadow of the Colossus briefly, allow me to explain. What I always keep from SotC besides things that are commonly discussed (the Colossi fights, the scale of the abandoned world etc) are the secret areas. If you're not familiar, back in the day many SotC players were obsessed with discovering the game's secrets. Granted this also happens with most games nowadays, SotC was something else back then, when The Secret Garden was discovered the community went wild and many tried to discover what else could possibly in the game (this was before hackers started getting involved and meddling with the code). There are quite a few articles about this and even today Nomad Colossus is still involved with the game (props to that madman).

Warframe always had that if anyone has tried to search, places that you can get outside the map boundaries and observe hidden constructions and terrain (many have been patched over the years, unfortunately the best we can do is report the wall-holes and hope DE one day implements big secrets this way or another). While the area has clear (for now) limitations to the map boundaries, compared to PoE's landscape Fortuna is miles ahead. The caves feel more belieavable, the terrain is varied, I am also more fond of snow-covered areas so bias is to be expected.

Yesterday however, I went exploring towards the Orokin Dig Site part of the map.


Spoiler-tagging for new players just in case. First of all, I discovered the lost Deck 12 and as I haven't been spoiled by anything related to it, you can imagine how excited I was to stumble upon it. Exploiter Orb murdered my solo ass obviously so I'll go back for revenge. However, the reason why I started this post is the crashed orokin construction behind the Orokin Dig Site, that thing really reminded me of SotC, like something that you should not come across even if it is on your map. The scale of it is huge, it is also very open and you can explore it fully if you find the natural gaps in the structure, you don't have to glitch your way through. As of now there is nothing in it unfortunately-or so I've seen, I need more time to explore given its size-however it has a detail that seems very much intentional so it makes me believe that it was done deliberately by DE, if that's the case props to them! If not, regardless of their intention, there is almost nothing in any other open world game like that, hell TES games used to invoke a similar sense of wonder but this is one part of the map! It's a F2P game!

I cannot stress it enough, if you like exploring and finding secrets in map tiles then Warframes delivers. Don't spoil yourself, look for them. Even some of the oldest tile sets have secrets in them.

(edited the spoiler tags cause some parts stayed visible)

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