What if Daikyu Prime fired lightning bolts?

Warframe10 - What if Daikyu Prime fired lightning bolts?

TL;DR: Zeus bow.

Playing with the basmu really made me realize how limited the chain lighting is of other weapons, typically being more of a nova, where the basmu has a proper chain. This made me think of what it'd be like to have a chain lighting weapon that had one big burst of damage that was then carried to more enemies with chain lightning, similar to the arc cannon of Titanfall 1.

Aesthetic (the "true endgame" reason to have this):

This is where I really wish I was good at drawing. I imagine a big bow recurved in such a way that the string and shaft touched while at rest. As the string is pulled, a single lignting arcs horizontally between the center of the shaft and string. As the string is pulled back further and further, more and more lighting arcs between the two, eventually forming a vague rod shape as the arrow at full charge, protruding slightly past the shaft, looking similar to the lightning bolt from the Percy Jackson movie. If an arrow skin is equipped, the lightning will form and arc around the arrow, and perhaps arcing narrower since there's a "rod" to go to. Once released, there is a deep thunderclap from where the arrow landed with a gradual sound fall off with your distance from the impact. If you want to get real fancy, maybe have the sound also delayed by distance. The visual should look kinda like a really big fulmin auto shot that is brighter along the middle of the bolt.

Gameplay and newish mechanics:


When it hits, it chains to 4 additional enemies. Each successive enemy it chains to takes full damage, an enemy cannot be hit more than once by the same chain. This weapon cloud also have a forced lighting or heat proc. I also suggest heat as possible forced proc because things are often on fire after being hit by lightning, but it should not have both as a forced proc. The projectile behavior should either be hitscan or an extremely fast projectile.


It would of course, be a status oriented weapon with a base status probably between 45% and 75% and a crit chance of no more the 25%. It's damage profile would be 40% lightning, 40% puncture, 20% impact, and 0% slash. I don't know what the total damage should be.

Why Daikyu Prime?:

It doesn't seem right to be able to quick shot this bow. It just would not look or feel as cool. As such, since the Daikyu can only fire at full charge, this lighting bow concept seemed like a perfect fit for an upgraded Daikyu. Additionally, it would reinstate the trend of primes having an almost completely unique feel compared to their original counterpart, which spurns the interest of both the casual players and min-maxers alike.

Edit: forgot to mention arrow release visuals.

Edit 2: there is more information about "Why make it Daikyu Prime?" in comment threads.

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