What if Sargus Ruk is the Grineer version of Teshin Dax?

Warframe11 - What if Sargus Ruk is the Grineer version of Teshin Dax?

"Bound by oath eternal." While genetic defects allow certain Grineer freedom from kle rule of kle queens, the Dax aren't so lucky. Ruk is certainly no defect, at least not so far as we've seen, but imagine yourself in his shoes for a moment.

>You are a proud Grineer General, and three defects have just annihilated an entire ship's worth of your troops. To your horror you are informed that these disloyal rejects have been set free with minimal punishment to wreak havoc wherever they are deployed, and in rage you inform the fool responsible for this that he, and he alone, shall bear the responsibility of the costs they incur.

From this, Ruk shows a great allegiance to the Grineer, with his loyalty to the queens being entirely irrelevant to this tale. He cares for the lives of his troops more than he necessarily does for their combat effectiveness, although he does recognize the Grustrag Three as having talent worthy of studying…. while they're incarcerated for their crimes. Let's continue this story with a hypothetical, but I believe a somewhat logical chapter as an experiment of thought.

>It's that time again. The Kuva fortress is coming near Saturn and with it come kuva siphons on YOUR galleons. The siphons being on your ships isn't the problem, it's the tenno that they attract. After one of these siphons is destroyed during a kuva flood, the queen demands that you explain why your troops failed to defend it alongside her own. This naturally prompts you to collect reports of the incident, and one day you read the most incredible story.

>Multiple eye witness accounts report a full squad of tenno coming in and killing most of the kuva guardians… except one. In a blood fueled rage this single guardian bludgeons the living hell out of the unfortunate warframes before her. Once, twice, three times she single-handedly downs the whole team, and three of the four she levels a fourth time. Their attempts to revive their teammates are met with relentless force such that the lone surviving tenno operative is forced to either let the wounded die or fail the mission altogether. Through sheer luck this final tenno manages to finish destroying the siphon and flees for extraction in a panic, the enraged guardian hot on their heels the whole way. You sort through the communications you received at that time, and sure enough there was an all-call as soon as the siphon went down.

>"My siphon, my KUVA! Report for execution at once!"


>It's sent in such a hurry, such a childish temper, that even the tenno receive it. As the general overseeing the ship, there's no way you could miss it.

You are Sargus Ruk. You're never told what happened to that guardian, but considering A.) they haven't become the most terrifying executioner in Rathuum by now and B.) Steel Meridian doesn't have any new lethally effective assassins (save for the tenno), you assume the Queen's made good on their threats to have the guardian served to them on a platter.

While the odds of TheGuardian27 stomping tenno ass like this is unlikely with a well prepared squad, there are still plenty of times when kuva variants of troops deployed to a siphon survive after failing their task to defend it, doomed to be eaten thereafter. You know this, and you know it's not just happening on your ships. When reinforcements from Tyl Regor's labs are less plentiful than expected, he gripes about the siphons drawing tenno to slaughter his tubemen, and your reinforcements with them, before they've even been born. You can't help but imagine how many siphons are destroyed as the Kuva fortress orbits around the system, and how many loyal Grineer are devoured by the queen as a result. The cost of the Grustrag three, compared to this unfathomable gluttony, is merely a speck of sand.

So what can YOU do about it? As a non-defective Grineer, you can't directly do anything, but you still have a roundabout option if you're inventive. As it's stated in Leekter's codex entry, a message from Doctor Tengus says the Grustrag 3 are "eager for YOUR orders". They're not always successful, but they do catch the occasional tenno from time to time. You could have the warframe scrapped, torn into pieces, sold to Alad V or sent to Tyl Regor so he can pound it into a cube, but no. Like the Grustrag three, he merely limits your potential for collateral damage.

(Spoiler for those who haven't completed the War Within quest ahead)

"I see you have fought for us. I see your skill. I see our futures intertwined."

This the message you send to those tenno who fight for you. To those who killed one queen, and could very well kill another.

But that's just a theory


No. It is a Warframe theory. Get your facts straight.

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