What is this GAME even?!

Warframe14 - What is this GAME even?!

I downloaded this on the Switch entirely because it was free. "Could be good" I thought.

After barely making it out of the tutorial I was like "eh, not for me" and removed it.

Then I started reading the Wiki and got hooked. A week later and I'm completely immersed. The best part is even with reading SO MUCH of the Wiki, I'm always constantly surprised. For instance :

– "What's that pink thing on my neck? – Oh hey I can enter this rooooo… HOLY SHIT WHAT IS THAT CHAIR?!?" Sit in chair and proceed to learn all about SPACE HERPES.

– Just minding my own business with a squad looking for some cephalon fragments and all the sudden some griefer called 'Stalker' starts saying shit and then just POOFS out of nowhere and hands me my ass! AWESOME

– I can grow a space dog. From an egg. I can also combine space herpes to make a completely different type of space dog. What the FU*K

That, and the community is – bar none – the most supportive and amazing communities I've ever seen. Holy shit you all are the best.

Just wanted to say how cool it is that this exists and love being a part of it. Can't wait until Fortuna makes it over to us Nintennos.

EDIT – Whoa! Thank you Tennos for all the positive vibes and great advice!

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