What you really are

Warframe3 - What you really are

Okay, so I've shared this with some people before but I just needed to make sure more of you knew

First off, Tenno are space ninja, we can all agree on that right? right.

Warframes are, based on the fact they're made of tame helminth infested flesh, zombies, and based on the fact they're also made of Orokin technology, robots. And umbra (and I think all warframes) were humans that were transformed by the helminth but augmented with Orokin technology making them cyborgs. (the science still hasn't come back on this one, and cyborg could probably be left out)

So now we've established that all warframes are Space zombie (cyborg?) robot ninjas, not too out there, this is generally some understandable stuff

But then we go on to a specific warframe, hydroid. Now, Hydroid is obviously a pirate, we can all agree on this, he's got an eyepatch and his prime version has a fancy pirate hat, okay, cool. But, Hydriod also can summon crazy weird tentacles and transform into water at will with weird void powers, which I would say, lacking a better term is magic, making him a wizard.

So Hydroid is a pirate wizard, you can see where I'm going with this, yeah? But it's not done yet, operators are nearly immortal teenagers that pilot these space zombie cyborg robot ninjas with their minds and are also edgy as hell.

TL;DR, when you see a Hydroid you are looking at a Space zombie cyborg robot pirate ninja wizard piloted by an immortal edgy space teenager with godlike superpowers.

mesa is a whole 'nother deal, and if you can think of any other good ones, tell me.

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