Which NPCs Know About Our Spoilers?

Warframe11 - Which NPCs Know About Our Spoilers?

I was pondering the lore and got to wondering: Of all the people we know as Tenno, which ones are aware of our true natures? So I thought I'd try a breakdown.

Spoilers below for The Second Dream, be warned.

Definitely Know:

  • Onkko, Little Duck and Loid: These characters can only be spoken to in Operator mode, so obviously they know. Loid knowing also means that Otak is technically aware, as well.
  • Ballas and the Sentients: Again, obvious. Ballas telling the Sentients what we were is what started this whole mess.
  • The Red Veil: They were founded by a Tenno and are aware of Transference and how it works.
  • The Grineer Queens & Teshin: The War Within is all about these guys interacting with the Operator.
  • The Stalker: Tried to kill the Operator in person, got freaked out because he'd forgotten he was also some dude using Transference.
  • Father: In the introduction to Operation Orphix Venom, Father directly refers to our void powers and the effects they have on Sentients. It makes sense he'd know as much as possible about the kids that replaced his babies.

Probably Know:

  • Eudico & Biz: We talk to Little Duck in the same room where these two hang out. Even if there's some video game space compression happening and we're supposed to pretend they can't see us, it's hard to imagine LD wouldn't tell her colleagues something so important about their strongest allies.
  • Mother: Mother's been neck-deep in void technology since its inception, so it's unlikely she doesn't know about the origins of the Tenno, but it's not confirmed. When you talk to Loid as the Operator in the basement he's weirdly insistent that Mother not know about it.
  • Alad V: Alad's multiple appearances and event-specific lore make him a bit confusing. He starts off ignorant in The Second Dream, but in his latest timeline appearance he watches us fight the Ropalolyst, which involves a lot of running around as the Operator. He still might not know exactly what the Operator is, however.
  • Nora Night: Certainly seems fond of us, and we seem to be her target audience. Nora addresses her listeners as "Kids" and "Dreamers," though whether she means us specifically or if these are just general terms of endearment for her wider audience is unclear.
  • The Arbiters of Hexis: These guys are all about the Tenno, so it would be weird if they didn't know. The arbitration shop sells operator cosmetics, but I'm not ready to take that as proof on its own.
  • Baro: At the end of Sands of Inaros, Baro makes an oblique remark about knowing now why Inaros didn't answer his prayers as a child, inferring that he knows how warframes work and why they weren't around for a while. The fact that he's been helping you build and assemble the parts of Inaros would imply he knows that they aren't beings in their own right.
  • Suda and Simaris: Being Cephalons, these guys have been around since before the fall of the Empire and they're both obsessed with accumulating knowledge, so it stands to reason they'd know.

Might Know:

  • Other Entrati: Daughter can tell at a glance what we're made of, but that doesn't mean she knows about the Operator. Grandmother is a huge gossip, so she may have found out at some point. Son doesn't seem to care about anything outside the Drift.
  • New Loka: The Silver Grove quest revolves around Transference, but they didn't really seem to care about that part because plants.
  • Vor: During the tutorial quest Vor seems to have no idea that we're anything but a person in a suit that never comes off. He'd probably be a lot less excited to get hold of our "holy blood" if he knew what a warframe is made from. Corrupted Vor has an unspecified spooky connection to the void, and it's possible to interpret his speech as him knowing about the Operator, but he might also just be crazy.
  • Nakak: On the one hand, the Revenant questline involves getting a mask from Nakak and wearing it as the Operator, and then she calls to congratulate you on building him. On the other hand, during the quest she refers to Revenant as though he were a person who died, not a piece of equipment that got destroyed, and just because she sells masks doesn't mean she knows who's wearing them.

Probably Don't Know:

  • Drusus Leverian: Drusus collects and recounts folk tales about the Tenno, supplemented with relics. In his Nezha story he specifically wonders why a powerful fighter like a warframe would feel kinship with a bunch of child soldiers. That said, it's possible he knows the truth and simply omits it from his stories.
  • Other residents of Cetus and Fortuna: Everyone living in the settlements are very busy and don't have time to wonder if we're anything more than the transient helpful mercenaries we appear to be. Some of the characters call us "kid" or whatnot, but they probably just assume we're younger than them because they're old.
  • The Perrin Sequence & Steel Meridian: These factions are busy with their own concerns and don't really seem interested in looking to deeply into our natures, so long as we continue to help them.
  • Parvos Granum: Parvos is a crafty old dude and has made a habit of poking into places he's not welcome and trying to learn things that others keep secret, but he also fondly refers to Protea as though she were a person, not a remote-controlled golem.

Definitely Don't Know:

  • Nef Anyo: Nef has written us off as thugs that Vox Solaris hires to annoy him because they're mean to him for no reason. Stopping to ponder what we are and how we work would mean thinking of someone other than himself for five minutes.
  • Darvo & Clem: So long as we continue to buy stuff and help recover relics, I don't think these two really care how we work.
  • Other Grineer Commanders: Vay Hek would have to stop screaming about his ghouls to learn anything about us. Sargas Ruk, Lech Kril and even Tyl Regor speculate about what we look like under our armour, meaning they don't know we aren't in there at all.


How's that look? Did I miss anyone?

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