Why are sorties filled with… people expecting you to carry them?

Warframe8 - Why are sorties filled with... people expecting you to carry them?

Okay, so I was just in a last sortie mission with my Ivara Prime. I'm MR8, and my three other squad mates are MR13+. Today's last mission is a Spy mission, and I'm like, "alright so I'm bringing Ivara and an optimal build for Spy." The map is really big, and there's at least 700m give or take between each data.

Not a single one of my squad mates bothered to bring any frame that even cloaks or at least helps in spy. I was the only one. I got data A. Then I was out of energy. No one was making progress on the other ones. I think, "maybe they're getting there/a little slow since it's so far away." No. They weren't in fact. So I killed myself to get more energy, thinking "okay at least one of them has to get at least one data, right? I can cover two?" No. I literally jump around the whole map for a few minutes, while one of them complains CONSTANTLY in game chat that "yoU'rE tAkiNg sO lOng." At this point, I'm almost angry. But I just want to get this over with, so I get to the third data. One of them, with a S A R Y N (not even Prime) decides to stupidly step into the last data room before I can make it there. He obviously trips the alarm- instant game over before I even get there. I'm so sad, I type in chat "None of you have stealth frames or ones that can at least get there in time during alarm…?" Then they all left, with the last guy complaining about "my incompetence."


For MR13+ I couldn't believe what happened, as an MR8.

Please, why do people have to do this to me? I'm on console and these types of experiences almost never happen, but when they do it leaves me questioning— how lazy are these people? How much of the game were they carried? Sure, I've been helped by Veterans but I've done a lot knowing I can't and won't allow myself to be babied through the game because I'll end up like these people. Please, to give a better experience to others, at least carry 10% of the weight. It doesn't even have to be 25%.

EDIT: Regarding all of the comments pointing out stealth frame is not needed for spy; I most definitely understand that. I was just expressing that it was obvious from the beginning when they brought questionable frames into the mix, that it was clear they could possibly be leeching. I understand all frames can be viable when built for it, but I'm explaining that these squad mates clearly didn't build for it or have the skill to compensate the fact that they weren't using preferable frames/tactics for spy that would make their skill be good enough.

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