Why are we even hunting the Wolf and company?

Warframe8 - Why are we even hunting the Wolf and company?

TL;DR: Besides loot, currency, and having something new to do, why are we after the Wolf and the S6 fugitives? No real reason, and I think DE missed an opportunity here to do more with the story and lore. Reasoning and some suggestions below.

So, I thought as I progressed through the Nightwave, I'd be given more context, more lore, to explain why he and his escapees need to be captured or killed.

Nope. S6 Fugitives just started showing up in my missions three days ago. Sometimes they're simply just taking a stroll in the Plains.

The Wolf showed up in our mission yesterday and started swinging. No preamble, no reason. Bruh just swung.

The fight was fun, but it wasn't really stressful, but we were worried about failing the mission as he divided our attention. (2-man squad, was running the Kuva mission again for a friend to get the dual elite.)

To clarify, this isn't about all the other needed tweaks to the Nightwave system or to Nora's lines. This is about the story.

My question is:

Why do I have to capture the fugitives or kill the Wolf? What's the justification, the story's rationale?

  • They were prisoners
  • The Wolf was described as a model prisoner
  • They were making bombs in prison
  • He snapped, turned into a Grineer version of Bane
  • Wolf escaped with other fugitives

So what? Why is this my problem?

I get it, it's a video game. I don't need a reason to put a beatdown on some villain. But in the context of the game's story, for my immersion, and depending on the game, reasons matter.

I mean, what laws did they break in the first place? Whose laws am I enforcing by recapturing them? They're generally just loitering around, minding their own business.

While busting out of prison breaks the laws of whatever justice system put them away, it is essentially a victimless crime against the Origin System. This isn't like Glast asking me to help Myconians and stop Nef Anyo–a criminal who victimizes vast swaths of people.

Presumably, the Grineer incarcerated the Wolf and the Saturn Six fugitives. That means their work in prison fueled the war machine. If I capture the Wolf's cohorts, won't they just be sent back to make bombs for said war machine?

By contrast, when the Lotus, or the Grineer, or the Corpus asked for my intervention as a Tenno, it was generally for "balance." That makes enough sense in the story. There's a reason.


Here, there's no reason and it feels sloppy. I like the Wolf. I like the introduction of a high-value bounty hunting system that's fully integrated into the Nightwave system. I just think the story for the bounty could've used some work.

What I think DE might have done differently:

  • The Wolf could have been cast as an actual threat to the System and balance as an outlaw and/or a terrorist.
  • What they learned how to do in the S6 prison, their knowledge and skillsets, could pose a threat to the System and balance: sabotage, assassination, a rash of thefts. Plundering Grineer and Corpus resources alike for their own purposes.
  • Upon defeating a S6 fugitive or the Wolf, give players the option to capture, kill, or spare.
  • These choices should affect our Alignment, but not the Wolf's parts drops.
  • Wolf's part drops should drop regardless of our choice.
  • As a fun surprise, at the end of the season, the majority choice would decide the Wolf's fate in the Warframe universe.
  • If most of us killed him, then he's dead. If most of us captured him, he goes back to prison. If most of us released him, he can later return as a terrorist or an outlaw (take your pick) with fluid allegiance or no allegiance to any faction or syndicate.

Player choice mechanics like that of the War Within are false choices (the Older Queen still died no matter what we did) and are unappealing, but you could go with a false choice here too if needed.

I'll note here that I don't think any of this would've required a great deal of cutscene filming (which is a lot of work and DE prefers to save for major quests and trailers).

Nora Night could've filled in any of the needed details to make the suggestions above work.

Caveat: I've only unlocked the Wolf noggle. If DE has surprises in store before we reach tier 30, then I'll be surprised if something else develops. But I don't think there's any more story for the Wolf and the fugitives of S6 and that's disappointing.

I hope for the next season's high-value bounty, something more in-depth will be created.

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