Why don’t we have Operator-Warframe relationships?

Warframe13 - Why don't we have Operator-Warframe relationships?

Nope, it's not a sicko thread and not a jokememe about "Warframe Dating Sim". I'm full on serious.

What bothered me since I've played Sacrifice is why don't we have more autonomous warframes? I understand that in-universe explanation is that only Umbra was permitted to have its memories, but in Second Dream your warframe moved on its own. And DE already had that idea about Umbra memories being implanted into other warframes to have them being autonomous. But what if we take it to another step?

What if we have the same mechanic as Umbra memories implantation – that means that you get some specific bluepring, some resources and craft this thing that unlocks warframe memories. But it's not Umbra's memories – every warframe has its own story. For now, we have Leverian that tells us about those cool events that happened in the past. But what if we unlock something like this directly through warframes and have little playable missions, where we get glimpses of the Old War and Orokin Empire at its peak? Moreover, every warframe gets its own character and has its own bond with the Operator. Depending on the usage, warframe can get more fond of your operator and unblock some additional skills. Maybe you can augment some of your abilities without wasting mod slot or increase shieldhealth capacity, something like this. Little bonuses that are still worth chasing.


We were shown in Sacrifice that Operator share this bond with warframes, but we don't really see it in action, so to say. Depending on your affinityrelationship status with warframe it can act a little detached or even paranoid, but if you use it really much, don't die, clear missions efficiently without taking too much damage, it respects your Operator more and more. Also, you can have little activities in your Orbiter if you go into Operator mode. Umbra plays Shawzin, which you can listen to, or you can play Komi with him. Hildryn works out a lot, Ivara practices with the bow and you can practice with her (because I fell that we will get Operator weapons in Duviri Paradox,so, some practice would be good) and if you get higher score than here, you increase your skill with the bow or something like this.

Nidus is chilling with Helminth, you can help him with laboratory. Vauban, obviously, crafts new grenades, Mesa does sharpshooting. You get what I'm talking about.

You can take it even to the next level, where you have little competitions with your warframe in open worlds. Can you outrun Gauss in Operator mode? Can you outkill Saryn? Can you take (block with Vazarin) more damage than Rhino? Can you outheal Oberon?

Some story-related content would be nice too. What I really liked about Warframe in the first place was that idea I read somewhere that warframes were constructs of old Orokin heroes that did some heroic deeds and were so worshipped, that Orokin decided to immortalize them in form of warframes. So every warframe has some characteristics of the prototype and some memories from before they were turned into war machines. Obviously, at this point it's all fan-fiction, but it would be nice to expand on that, so we have missions from the Old War and missions from time, where warframes were people, so we can relate to them a lot more.

So, what do you think about it?

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