Why God why does Equinox Prime commit every single fashionframe sin in the bloody book?

Warframe3 - Why God why does Equinox Prime commit every single fashionframe sin in the bloody book?

Look… I love, after 8,000 hours and 5 years, finally being able to support this game, but seeing this continue to happen, especially after $150 – 1¢, is a new level of disappointing.

  1. Night Equinox's Secondary is 100% gold… which turns Day Equinox to banana vomit. Please STOP A. tying metallics and non-metallics together and B. tell me why this isn't fixed to Accents.
  2. Day Equinox has pulled a Hydroid Prime on us and 85%+ of his surface area is tied to one color. The one color that could be used, mind you, to give Night Equinox a gorgeous coating.
  3. In Night Equinox, I can see all the creases and folds, and for Day Equinox, layers upon layers upon layers for a wide variety of different color placements to be taken advantage of. MORE THAN JUST ARMPITS AND A WAISTBAND. Night Equinox could have half of all her robes as well as the top of her head be changed, just as Day Equinox could have the first, second, and third layers of his armor be altered.
  4. As for Equinox Prime theirself, a small irritation is that for their hybrid form, Day's horn is a perfect replica while Night's horn is squished.

What about Stradavar?

  1. Stradavar's gold is lighter than normal. Much like Gram, but not quite as terrible.
  2. See the padding on the top of the gun and the rest of the finish which Secondary mostly makes up? Yeah, the padding in the back is tied to Primary and the padding in the front is tied to Tertiary.
  3. Oh, and the rough machinery that is the muzzle of the weapon and the grip, which should be tied to Tertiary, is also tied to Primary, which is the back half of that padding.

Surely Tipedo got away with-

  1. THE TEXTURES ON EACH "SCISSOR" IS DIFFERENT. Primary's is all dirty, but Secondary is perfect.
  2. Tertiary is a horrible half-metallic too…
  3. Which for the top end of the blade, doesn't even encompass all of what it should. Half of that little socket/hilt or whatever you want to call that area goes to the gross Primary.

Oh and Equinox's Noble in the hybrid form still has slanted legs.

I'd also like to say that, as it is currently, I like the way Tertiary acts as a separate color for the visor. Putting a light pearly blue on that, it's gorgeous, especially for the Night form. That being said, is it too much to ask at this point in time for certain Warframes to have more than the traditional four (excluding Energy) colors? Equinox Prime is a perfect example of one that needs it, unless a miracle can be pulled with Day Equinox which I struggle to see the way he is right now.

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