Why i stopped playing (non-related to the game itself)

Warframe2 - Why i stopped playing (non-related to the game itself)

Disclaimer: non-native speaker and TL;DR at the end

It is a story that i wanted to tell for quite a long time but always stopped in the middle, deleted it and never came back to it. Yesterday before i went to sleep i remembered again and nearly cried…

During summer vacation, when i was still a student, my friend recommended me this game. We got really hooked and spent every hour we could learning and grinding. After some time he created clan, because we didn't know anybody besides us playing this game. Two random guys joined and we were playing together. They were noobs, we tried to help them with everything we could, whilst having tons of fun. Eventually after 5 days or so, we found out, they speak the same language so we started to hang out more, they joined our team-speak and we were bonding. They were more open and we found out that they are brothers in their thirties, one got kicked out after divorce and he lives with his brother. They bought computers so they could spend time together and warframe was the first thing they wanted to try. It was the best summer ever, spending it with friends playing game i’ve loved.

Year after, we were still playing, best friends ever, they were constantly cracking up really cringey dad jokes, even though they were awful, that's just how they were. Sometimes he gave me plat for completing events on his account and vice versa. Yes we were having some bad times, we were yelling at each other, but that's just part of the obstacles you have to overcome when building strong friendship.

Then we started noticing one of the brothers was constantly offline, eventually we asked why is that and the other one told us that he goes to check ups with his heart, there are some problems but nothing crazy. We told him to inform us that we care about him etc.


Month goes by and both of them are offline for few days, week, two weeks and then one day only one of them is online. „Heyy, wheres your brother? There are tons of events and we need that vauban and frost!“. „Yup, those events are awesome, you cant do shit without our super combo tho, unfortunately you need to find someone else“ :he replied. Wait why? You quit?. Your brother quit? Wait, he doesn't want to play anymore? I am sure he would love to but he died in the morning, his heart gave out. Me and my friend were both in shock and didn't know what to say or do. He then sent us all his stuff with the words: „Enjoy the game for him“ and left.

Since then i couldn't contact him, he deleted his account and went off on every single place i added him. My friend held pretty well but I am emotional person so after few months i quit and except occasionally looking on wf reddit i cut the game out of my life. It’s the thing that hit you that you cant process, i wont be able to hear his dumb jokes anymore, or his laugh. It was day I’ve lost not just some guy that i played with in a game, but real friend.

I would like to end with something positive or some lesson but i don't know what that should be. You can take whatever you want from it.

TL;DR: Two brothers joined our clan, we were best pals and one them dies year after which makes me not being able to play.

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