Why I think Grendel is in a bad place. Why he should be given another look at. And my own ideas on how to buff him

Warframe12 - Why I think Grendel is in a bad place. Why he should be given another look at. And my own ideas on how to buff him

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Grendel is a frame that has been in a really ruff patch ever since his release. Seeing only 1 Hotfix that made small changes to his whole kit and a small QOL buff to his 2. Grendel was introduced during an extremely crucial time for DE. Not only was he launched during the controversial "old blood" update where improving Kuva liches where the main focus on DE and the communitys mind. He was also right in the middle of the development of most anticipated update for Warframe at the time, "Empyrean" which we know was an all hands on deck update, requireing practically all the focus of the dev team for many months to make it to there planned release date. So its understandable that improving this frame wasent number 1 priority for the Devs at the time.

Grendel has wasted potential

Grendel as a frame is themed around being fat haveing a giant maw in his gut that devours hoards of enemies, and uses them as fuel. Its an extremely cool and unique theme that I feel is being wasted by Grendel's current state. Grendel deserves a 2nd pass at his kit and should be brought up to par with other frames like Gauss and Protea who have become A tier frames after a few Hotfixes to there kit.

This isent to say that Grendel has no uses. His 1 is definitely a powerful CC and damage ability. But as you go down the latter of his abilitys, there usefulness become less and less. Especially when you look at Regurgitate which has little to no use in his kit. I desire to fix that problem, and hopefully give some good ideas on how to make Grendel a better Warframe.

Grendels energy problem

let's discuss Grendels massive appetite for his own energy. With only a few enemies in Grendels gut, he will start to burn away his energy at an insane rate. This drain rapidly increases the longer you keep enemies in your stomach, makeing mods like primed continuity, flow and streamline a must have.

To fix this problem, make his 1 and 4 the only ability that requires energy. Makeing his 2 and 3 rely on the enemies you have devoured, and make his 2 use energy when the're no enemies devoured. Makeing only Devour and pulverise use energy will give Grendel better energy conservation and not make him so energy hungry.

Grendels passive and how to change it

Grendels passive might as well just be a separate effect of his 1. The passive only takes effect when an enemy is devoured and doesn't effect any other ability in his kit. The smart thing to do would be to merge it into his 1st ability, and replace his passive with a new one

New passive- "Being a bigger target, Grendel attracts more attention from enemies, makeing enemies lose interest in attacking nearby Tenno, companions, defence targets and focus on him"

This new passive works imo due to the high amount of health and armor that Grendel has, as well as haveing a stable way of restoring health using his 2. It also adds useful team support for squishy frames and companions.

How to improve devour

The glaring issue with this ability is its deveststing energy drain.

To fix this ability, Grendel should have a threshold of enemies that he can devour before becoming "Engorged". This mean that Grendel can eat a max of X amount of enemies without suffering from energy drain. Once the max amount of enemies devoured is exceeded, the energy drain will begin. The base ability will still cost 25 energy to cast.



Nourish provides a healing buff whenever the ability is activated, the buff restores a percentage of health each time it's activated, giving flat HP. This would cause you to repeatedly spam the ability whenever your health was low and would most likely killing all the enemies you have devoured. A simple buff would be to add 2 seconds of rapid health regeneration to make the ability less spammy and more reliable as a health restorer.

Improving Nourish armor

Out of the 3 sub abilitys in Grendels 2, nourish armor is the most useless. At first glance, it would seem like an ability that would provide armor for you and allies, but it is simply a small radial toxin proc that tickles enemies. Makeing it a huge waste of an ability slot as it is. Almost safe to say it one of the most useless abilities in game

To buff it, I suggest keep the base effect, increase the proc range and add an armor buff for Grendel and Allies.

Regurgitate and my frustration with it

Regurgitate is a very disappointing ability, especially due to the fact that it's put in his 3rd ability slot. The only use for this ability is to regulate the amount of enemies in your stomach. Every explosive weapon in the game outshines its purpose

To fix the ability, it would require a rework of the projectile and its function. I've come up with an idea that would make this ability interesting and useful for Grendels whole kit while still makeing it a good tool for regulating enemies in your Stomach.

Regurgitate- "Grendel vomits a mini Pulveriser as a projectile that deals a toxic explosion on impact. This Pulveriser then rolls around and seeks out enemies in which it will immediately devour and grow in size till a cap is reached. Pulverisers do similar damage and effects as Grendels 4. Grendel can recall all Pulverisers by holding the ability button, devouring them and there collected enemies. Ability can also be used while in Pulveriser form. Grendel can only have 4 Pulverisers active at once. Reactivating regurgitate while all 4 Pulverisers are active will replace the last created Pulveriser. Pulverisers are affected by duration for X amount of seconds.


Pulverise has great potential as a high damage nuke ability, it already is when against corpus or infested. But when the ability is up against Grineer or any armored targets, it does far too little against them. The ability could do with a way of bypassing enemy armor and defences in general to make the ability very reliable for damage.

"With each enemy Grendel devours, Pulverisers damage ignores 10% of enemy defences (Stacks up to 90%)"

The ability could also do with some improved QOL. For starters, makeing the ability not require a devoured enemy to activate would be beneficial. Secondly, allowing devour to be used in a small 360 radius during Pulverise would allow Grendel to continue to grow in size and damage without needing to leave pulverise.

I do hope DE one day decides to look at Grendel once again. He a frame with so much potential to be really good. But he is stagnating between somewhere good and memey.

Tldr: Grendel isent in a good place due to the focus of the Devs and community being on bigger updates like old blood and Empyrean. Pls buff him.

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