Why is The Wolf’s drop table so awfully diluted with crap mods? Painfully unappealing “boss” design

Warframe1 - Why is The Wolf's drop table so awfully diluted with crap mods? Painfully unappealing "boss" design

EDIT: Some more informed Tenno have explained that the Wolf Sledge parts are not competing with the mods – they come alongside the weapon parts and shouldn't affect their drop rate. But my points about the actual fight and the random appearance system still stand – this boss is poorly designed… Okay, original post begins below:

Dull fight mechanic aside (lots oh HP, boring attack pattern, unexplained immunity to all warframe abilities), it is also the rarity of his visits and his awful drop table that make the Wolf so disappointing:

Eleventh Storm 15.28%

Fever Strike 15.28%

Molten Impact 15.28%

North Wind 15.28%

Shocking Touch 15.28%

Spinning Needle 15.28%

Target Acquired 4.17%

Tempo Royale 4.17%

Wolf Sledge 3.95%

Wolf Sledge Handle 13.55%

Wolf Sledge Head 13.55%

Wolf Sledge Motor 3.95%

Nitain Extract 0.13%

Seeing that the Wolf was bringing a new weapon, I hit Nightwave hard – not missed a challenge, played daily, extra long on the weekends. Saw the Wolf only twice and got a North Wind and a Fever Strike – two super common mods that already drop from from literally hundreds of monsters and missions.

Why are those mods in the Wolf's drop table at all? With the rarity of his appearance, didn't anyone think that it might be an issue that the FOUR PART weapon he drops is further diluted by so many items which literally no one wants?


I get it, I can just buy the parts using plat – from some player who was more lucky – and craft my MR fodder hammer that way… and there's always the notion that the Wolf might start appearing more often as we progress through the event… but as a huge fan of Warframe and most of DE's design choices, I feel like I have to call them out on this one – The Wolf is painfully uninteresting to fight and the only upside of having him show up at all – the hammer (and the rare stance mod) – is so dulled down by the diluted drop table that I have lost all interest in him (and slowly losing interest in the whole story).

If not the combat, make the rewards interesting. And if not the combat or the rewards, at least make his story more interesting. Because so far, he's super unappealing (and as the 'honeymoon phase' of the new Nightwave alert system wears off, the poor design of the Wolf will become more and more apparent).

Sorry to sound so negative, I just felt like I had to point out how poorly designed everything around the Wolf is. Especially since the Exploiter Orb fight was such a breath of fresh air – the bad design of the Wolf is like a glaring contrast to that.

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