Why the timer? Why the 0/100 instead of 0/3000000000 for example? Why separate instances and not like other relays?

Warframe9 - Why the timer? Why the 0/100 instead of 0/3000000000 for example? Why separate instances and not like other relays?

Honestly I just want to know the answer for these questions from DE. These three points of the new event are the foundation of the problems IMO.


The timer serves no purpose or if it does the negatives outweights the positives by miles. I wanted to join up and play with my girlfriend. Logging in, checking the Navigation, its ~70-80/100 and one hour and 20 minutes left from this wave. Well, we join up, somehow miracliously places us in the right one, its 87/100, but a buyer writes to my girlfriend. She need to choose, the buyer or the event? If she choose the buyer, she might won’t be able to rejoin, or if she does it may reach 100/100 by the time and we won’t be able to play for another 1 hour or so. Awesome. Of course we can choose a different flotilla (which requires two loading screen) and try our luck there and hope we can finish to 100/100 by the timer goes down.

The next thing is the 100/100 bullshit, which is utterly unnecessary. It could be 0/30000000 or any given number since we drives away 100 murex in every 3 hours so it could be a weekly counter and instead of the “after 100/100 reached AND the timer went down” cash out they could give us the reward DIRECTLY after we finished. There is no reason to hold back the reward for a timer which is completely uncontrolled by the player.


Why separating the instances or rather say Flotillas? I mean, the relays works the same. Look at the Fomorian event, it has a global counter and totally not realated to instances, the Scarlet Spear relay should play only one role: visual. No need the shitty leaderboard, no need to seperate the players more than they already are.

Please for the sake of this event, realize how much fucked up this whole “squad-link” based instancing and act properly. Also I would really love an answer for these questions.


The last three days I logged in 3 times each day to try my luck with the event. I encountered bugs, glitches, errors and all, but I didn’t care because these things usually fixed by time. What I cared is that each time I was gated either by time or the killed murex, held back rewards or the inability to join a mission due to the empty Flotilla bug. Except the last one it is all logic related DESIGN DECISION that made my playtime wasted. I tried, I give up. I decided to not make another step in this event until something drastically won’t happen to it. Its not worth my time. Honestly I waited for this event but damn… what a let down.

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