Wisp highlights the bad/outdated design of other frames

Warframe3 - Wisp highlights the bad/outdated design of other frames

A lot of people are gonna read this title and think “no shit”, but I want to highlight some parts of Wisp’s design that are so well done in comparison to other frames, mostly for DE’s benefit. They made some decisions here that I hope they’ll permanently integrate into their design philosophy and never go back on them.

No matter what you think of Wisp’s current balance status, I think we can all agree she’s very well designed and she plays well, something I haven’t seen in such full force since Nidus or Harrow (but that’s just my opinion).

The biggest part of this is her abilities having animations that don’t stop anything else you’re doing. You can cast them in the air without losing momentum and often without stopping your reload (did you know you can wind up sol gate while reloading your shotgun?)

This might seem insignificant to some, but it’s actually a huge deal to me personally. Compared to a frame like revenant where you get locked into long animations for each power, Wisp feels like a real breath of fresh air. Revenant plays like he was designed in 2013, when the game first came out.

Another huge aspect of this is that all her powers (arguably) stand on their own. They all have their purpose, they’re fun to use and, aside from Sol Gate, they don’t have any forced synergies while being strong in their own right.

I wanna talk about her powers a bit too.

  1. Health mote provides incredible value for very little energy. With a very high power strength build (and since you get Wisp late in the game, you probably have the mods to do this) you get something like 800hp and 80hp/s regen. That’s Oberon-tier healing with a huge health buffer and it’s only a third of her first ability. As with all buffs, that’s for your whole team with very little downtime and you can put those dispensers everywhere.

  2. Haste mote gives you and your whole team a lot of speed and Harrow-esque firerate at very little cost.

  3. Shock mote is basically taking the piss out of Vauban. It constantly CCs enemies passively, as if Wisp needed that with her tankiness and invisibility. It has 100% status chance at base, at level 1. Vauban needs to charge that shit for 2.3 seconds to reach 100% status with a small ball in an AOE. Its default is 10% status.

  4. These buffs can be placed anywhere, they are strong and have relevant effects, and you can choose which one you want to place. Titania’s buffs can be placed only on enemies, they have irrelevant effects, and you can only place them on specific types of enemies. You have to cast Tribute another time if you want to give it to your teammate (But why would you? Her buffs suck).

  5. Will O’Wisp and breach surge are both interesting abilities that give great mobility. Sol Gate is really just okay.

  6. I wanna avoid talking about balance in this game so I’m not gonna talk about how strong her passive is. I just want to mention that unlike a lot of other frames, it’s easy to activate, it’s reliable and it’s useful. Compare that to Rhino, whose passive stomp is useless; Ember, who has to find a jury-rigged way to set herself on fire for it to have any use; Gara, whose passive is strong but unreliable… Etc.

Hopefully this wasn’t too hard to read through. I really enjoy Wisp and I really dislike the state a lot of other frames are in right now (Ember, Titania and Nyx have been waiting years for a proper rework, for instance).

Thanks for reading.

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