With Akjagara Prime coming, I feel necessary to point something out

Warframe11 - With Akjagara Prime coming, I feel necessary to point something out

Something that bothered me for a while. Prime dual secondaries usually require the most amount of work to get, which can get pretty damn ridiculous if you're really unlucky. More so than with pretty much any other item.
And all for what? They don't necessarily have any advantage over single Prime secondaries or primaries that would justify it.

Here are some numbers:

Most primaries require 4 items, including blueprint to build it.
Single secondaries – 3 items (such as Euphona Prime or Vasto Prime).
1h/2h melee weapons – 3 items.
Dual Prime melee – 5 items.
Dual Prime secondaries – whooping 6 items (such as Akbolto Prime – 2 barrels, 2 receivers and a link, as if it wasn't bad enough already).
"Legacy" (ones assembled from released earlier single version of that weapon) Dual Prime secondaries – 8(!) items.


Now, I'm not a math genius, but I would assume that with each extra item required, average time to obtain the whole thing increases. Correct me if I'm wrong.
I have just one question. What is the logic behind this? I assume that average time to obtain for these various weapon types vastly differs, with dual weapons taking a lot more time (from my experience, they're always the ones taking most time to obtain) in comparison to single weapons. Which seems absolutely arbitrary to me.

What would bring non-legacy dual Prime secondaries and melee in line with single counterparts is one simple change – instead of requiring two of, let's say, "barrel" items, blueprint will ask one item named "barrel**s*" (and just get rid of the goddamned "link"). Meaning these parts already come in twos, making building dual weapons equivalent to single counterparts. Which I think is absolutely reasonable, since dual versions of single weapons are usually just sidegrades, while weapons that don't have single version are already un/balanced with other weapons of their respective class in mind.

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The way things are right now is kinda weird. What are your thoughts?

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