With new Operator outfits coming soon, here’s a list of animation bugs (and several other kinds)

Warframe15 - With new Operator outfits coming soon, here's a list of animation bugs (and several other kinds)

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1191061 a comprehensive list of operator art and animation bugs with video - With new Operator outfits coming soon, here's a list of animation bugs (and several other kinds)


"Operator, no! Have you lost your mind?"

Yep, this thread again. It seems prudent to keep it updated with the number of issues Operators have, if only to keep it all organized and easy to read through. The new Dax armor coming with the Steel Path update looks nice from what we've seen, but like everything else Operator related, I'm worried their relative lack of polish will detract from what could otherwise be some cool new fashion. Hopefully someone at DE actually sees this iteration (paging u/rebulast) but if not I'm ready to post a longer version of this list in another month or two. :,|

This is a short list of standout animation issues I've noticed playing as the Operator. I've included recordings for clarity, but may have missed something. For the most part these look like bugs, but some could be intended behavior. I will keep updating this thing until somebody notices.

  • Headtracking

  • Customization

    • Operator hair color no longer affects eyelashes. If this was unintentional (admittedly, not likely) it seems like a good change regardless:
      l9LOZN6 - With new Operator outfits coming soon, here's a list of animation bugs (and several other kinds)https://i.imgur.com/l9LOZN6.mp4
    • The Tenebrous Ephemera, whether working correctly or not, does not conform well to Operators: https://i.imgur.com/SlGl7O3.mp4
      • Additionally, once equipped the smoke effects from the ephemera linger until transference is used to transition to the Warframe and back.
    • Operator somatic implant textures are inconsistent across selections. The width of the thin black outline, itself likely unintended, changes across instances of the same somatic patterns: https://i.imgur.com/Zt72kIn.mp4
      • One possible solution would be to separate somatic implant patterns from void scars entirely, offering more detailed customization, removing redundant pattern instances and possibly opening the gate for more options in the future.
    • Hair part toggle does nothing on newer styles: https://i.imgur.com/6GYNSbS.mp4
    • One short hairstyle does not fit the Operator's head properly at all. It is an oddly shaped nightmare of unconnected polygons in desperate need of another pass: https://i.imgur.com/DcHP612.mp4
      • The divide between old and new hairstyles is obvious and at times distracting. All of the older ones could use an update to bring them in line, quality and art style wise, with the much more visually and technically impressive newer ones.
    • One hairstyle shown on a devstream many years ago has not been mentioned since. This was shown alongside another set that was eventually properly implemented:
      • Okay that's not a bug, fair. It still looks good.
    • Previewing apparel on a male Operator displays the item with default colors:
      a0cSQAX - With new Operator outfits coming soon, here's a list of animation bugs (and several other kinds)
      • Previewing as a female Operator displays it with your selected colors:
        M37zV5R - With new Operator outfits coming soon, here's a list of animation bugs (and several other kinds)
    • Cogna Earpiece is incompatible with older hairstyles due to texture alpha issues:
      HvKKYrL - With new Operator outfits coming soon, here's a list of animation bugs (and several other kinds)https://i.imgur.com/HvKKYrL.mp4
      • This extends to the rest of the Cogna set along with the Garasu and Aures Tennogen Earpieces and the Garasu and Jotunheim Oculus. Essentially, anything with transparency.
  • Sprinting

    • When sprinting as the Operator, pressing the shoulder swap button does nothing: https://i.imgur.com/55SOUVC.mp4
    • The interact button is similarly unresponsive. Sprinting into the somatic link as the Operator and mashing E does nothing, same with interactive objects in-mission. If 'toggle sprint' is enabled, this means that Operators with sprint toggled on are unable to interact with anything while in motion.
    • Extensive testing strongly suggests that this is not how human necks work: https://i.imgur.com/7O8V06I.mp4
      • Our lawyers expect full compensation for injuries sustained during the testing process.
  • Idle Animations

  • Empyrean

    • While the Operator can use the forward cannon, animations do not work properly: https://i.imgur.com/F0xBy9N.mp4
      • Fixed!
    • Interacting with the forge as the Operator uses the same animation as doing so with the Warframe, sans parazon: https://i.imgur.com/E6tw5dK.mp4
    • Using the mercy prompt on a crewship pilot as the Operator results in incorrect (but highly effective) use of the amp: https://i.imgur.com/afIeYzG.mp4
      • Consider giving them either unique mercy animations which make creative use of their void powers or tiny parazons.
    • Upon returning to the drydock after a mission, the Operator will sometimes be stuck in combat stance: https://i.imgur.com/IWKOPSj.mp4
    • Leaving the railjack configuration menu as the Operator puts them briefly in the unarmed aim position normally reserved for Warframes: https://i.imgur.com/1CGbobv.mp4
    • Oddly, most other animations relating to the railjack and crewships seem to work fine. Operators can pilot ships or operate turrets with minimal issue. They can't quite reach the controls on Grineer side guns, but such is the unfortunate reality of being short.
  • Other

    • In-mission Operator does not have lipsync on mission dialogue, while the one on the HUD does: https://i.imgur.com/epts1ob.mp4
    • Grabbing ledges is horribly inconsistent: https://i.imgur.com/qpVCGa8.mp4
    • Void Dash does not target the crosshair as players might assume: https://i.imgur.com/LM4xdDH.mp4
    • The charging/firing animation for the Pencha amp scaffold does not work when the Operator is in motion and not actively aiming: https://i.imgur.com/RNoYgJq.mp4
      • Oddly, it seems to work properly in Captura.
    • Amp position does not properly reset when unequipping a scanner: https://i.imgur.com/6lMq9zV.mp4
    • Amp model glitches out on unequip animation: https://i.imgur.com/2KRjkQp.mp4
    • Knocking yourself back with explosive shots as the Operator results in your head, and only your head, flashing your chosen energy color: https://i.imgur.com/05NfVJv.mp4
    • Upon respawning from falling off a ledge, the Operator briefly becomes a noodle monster: https://imgur.com/vSbzyQs
    • Several emotes result in the Operator clipping through the floor: https://i.imgur.com/vCLoHXC.mp4
    • The Commander emote, despite being a simple motion that a small teenager could easily perform (and also being part of a $30 bundle), cannot be used by Operators: https://i.imgur.com/xsUQjkR.mp4
    • Operators are unable to perform the Follow emote. There is no indication of this in the UI: https://i.imgur.com/w0vLxG7.mp4
    • Operators cannot successfully perform handshakes. They could at one point, but the functionality has been broken.
    • The Operator feels no joy when dancing, only staring lifelessly into the distance: https://i.imgur.com/39ponsn.mp4
    • When doing their best Wolf of Saturn Six impression, the Operator seemingly projects their voice using either transference or ventriloquism. The functional difference between the two is a subject of much debate: https://i.imgur.com/5nW3iBc.mp4 (audio)
    • Similarly, while Operators are unable to use shawzins because the instruments are 'too big', Titania can use them in Razorwing just fine. This is not a bug, but a plea to let my kiddo play the space bass.

Overall, while it's clear that Operators are by no means meant to be the main playable unit in a game called Warframe, there is a distinct lack of polish in their presentation when compared with the cyber-zombies they pilot. Though they shouldn't be the primary focus of gameplay, they have enough of a role that leaving them in a state where so many of their basic animations don't work properly can make them feel less important than the story of the game suggests they are. A pass to fix most of these bugs would require no new assets or animations, and the few that would are either minor or suggestions by me that can be freely ignored.

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