With Nyx deluxe coming, a lot of people are going to ask how to play her.

Warframe10 - With Nyx deluxe coming, a lot of people are going to ask how to play her.

Nyx hasn't exactly been the most popular Warframe, and the guides on Youtube for her are all very… Mediocre. This is in part because those Youtubers don't play her either. After her rework, I noticed a lot of WF partners who never play her praising it and then continuing to rarely use the frame.

So, with her deluxe coming out, and a possible influx of newcomers to the frame…

If you don't play her or haven't been playing her, don't give bad advice. At least mess around with the kit in various missions in situations where you'd normally take a more optimized Warframe.

If you're new to her and want advice, PLEASE ASK! I see a few other Nyx flairs around, and while our advice will vary, we'll probably give better advice than someone with a hundred thousand subs who never plays her.

For myself, I'll probably either make a written set of builds and tips, or a video, for ease of sharing. Most likely written. But yeah, she goes far beyond the "build range and press 3; or build efficiency duration, press 4, and use a heavy blade" advice. Using eximus auras, synergies with various weapons, energy generator, and various other factors play into using her full kit as much as we can. Don't just listen to whatever first video shows up on Youtube.

Edit: there's some great tips in the comments, and I'm leaving a few of mine here at the end of this post.


If you are running the heavy blade Assimilate setup, Energy Generator is an augment for Deth Cube (who remains invincible with you) to help keep your 4 up.

I typically run Assimilate as a backup plan if nothing else, but you can ditch it in favor of another mod if desired.

As the blast from releasing absorb can have finicky terrain interactions, use the stun from chaos to exit absorb safely, if you have Assimilate equipped.

Arctic and arson eximus units provide additional crowd control.

For new players, the following build will allow you to use all of Nyx's abilities effectively, and requires no forma: flow, assimilate, continuity, vitality, intensify, streamline, stretch, and augur reach. I typically equip corrosive projection, but for starting out you could use energy siphon.

If you want to build around using both 2 and 3, the negative strength from overextended can be offset by umbral intensify+vitality, augur secrets, and power drift. Swap augur secrets for a higher strength mod if you prefer cunning drift, but I do not like the additional negative personally.

As far as I know, ALL arcanes can proc, and Adaptation can stack (from AoE attacks), while in absorb. This is not for practical advice, this is if you're doing some memes. Completely unrelated note: get wrecked, Profit Taker.

Hope this followup and the comments help!

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