With The Launch Of The PS5 And The Recent Post About Issues With Using A Mouse I think It’s Time We Reevaluate Problems Caused by Navigating Menus With The Cursor

Warframe1 - With The Launch Of The PS5 And The Recent Post About Issues With Using A Mouse I think It's Time We Reevaluate Problems Caused by Navigating Menus With The Cursor

Sorry for the long title but I wanted to bring attention to this issue once again (as is my biannual post it seems to be becoming) about how awful the changes to Controller UI and Cursor navigation were implemented two years ago and how little feedback DE decided to take on the matter.

So before we begin I want to preface this by saying that I acknowledge that they made this change for their universal UI to help make changes to the game's UI without going out of their way to implement them, however the way the did so feels awkward and clunky and they didn't even implement workarounds to try to make it feel better or hell even promised changes. So in this megathread there were OVER EIGHTY PAGES of replies with the majority of them expressing the sentiment of the cursor feeling awful to use to navigate menus.

So I hope many of you can see that this is an issue that doesn't just affect me. As for how it has affected me, let's go into a brief history. I started the game in 2015 after seeing my friend Riplining on Valkyr and thinking about how cool the movement in the game looked (I know, I know) and put in just over two thousand hours in the following three years. Over that time I have gone through so many changes with the game and nerfs/buffs alike, hell I even got every login weapon before they allowed you to go through and choose which one you want, and there was one thing that absolutely broke the game for me, I think you can guess what the thing was.

Navigating menus and moving through builds suddenly went from a quick couple second thing to an absolute chore to do even the most simple thing. Having to use the cursor on these tiny icons made it awkward to not overshoot them when they were not designed with the imprecision of a controller in mind. Now instead of being able to fly through a build and completely change the entire thing in under ten seconds you need to drag the mods slowly in, move the cursor back down, do it again, and now do it another 8 times for your other mods. Everything now takes longer, nothing is efficient. Well now you might ask why I don't use the d-pad as a replacement for joystick scrolling? Well the simple answer is that I can't just use the D-Pad. So here's a quote from page 7 of the megathread I posted earlier.



This is something that we'll be implementing in the future! Definitely want that D-pad scrolling capability.

Before anyone mentions it, no Danielle is not part of any team that changes UI but this quote was made with the confidence of someone that had confirmation of it being worked on. Now obviously this feature isn't in the game or I wouldn't be bringing it up so I want to remind you this was a qoute made two years and still not implemented. While DE and remembering to do things they say they will have never gone together too well, this is such a massive QOL issue that should have been implemented when the system launched, not something that they said they would do a few days into it and forgot about.

Now that wasn't all that happened. When it launched they removed shortcuts in the arsenal menu. No longer could you press square or triangle to open your cosmetic or upgrade window. No longer could you press x on top of the big massive white space next to the equip option to open the equip menu. No you had to awkwardly try to mouse over it with the cursor. In fact you couldn't even rotate your Warframe with the right joystick or preview a cosmetic without putting it on first. This makes it so clear that someone who had never actually used a controller decided to downgrade everything that made using the controller menu convenient to use. Gone are the days of hovering over a relic and it popping up what is inside it. Nope now you have to make an extra pointless click on each individual relic in order to figure out what is inside it.

Now some of the above issues have been fixed over time but many are still present and it feels like playing on console with a controller is a downgraded experience from how it used to be. So I beg of you, DE, please change how the controllers work. Allow it to feel more fluid and functional when using a controller, don't let this be another forgotten system that never gets revisited.

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