Wolf of Saturn Six Lore Speculation

Warframe14 - Wolf of Saturn Six Lore Speculation

So the Wolf. He's been around for a good few weeks now, and most people have had the chance to see and fight him, but there's still a lot to come, and a lot left unanswered. So, here's my line of thinking how this strange, out of nowhere character is going to develop.


What we know:

The Wolf hails from Saturn 6, a secret Grineer prison hidden within Saturn. The Wolf is the first prisoner to have broken out of Saturn 6 (along with a small army of lesser prisoners) and he is now on the loose.

The Wolf was a 'model prisoner' and 'apple of the Warden's eye' according to Nora Night, though earnt his name from the way he howls at night.

Despite his newly found freedom, Nora notes that rather than run and be free, the Wolf remains in the solar system, terrorising the Corpus to send a message; "DELIVER GHARN," the warden of Saturn 6.

Nora also ponders "think he knows how the Wolf came to howl at night?"

From previous lore, we know that "defective" Grineer are disposed of, and if I remember correctly, basically ground up as material for new Grineer clones. Why then do they have a prison? What can a Grineer do that is worthy of incarceration but not obliteration? Do they have a use still…?


Other hints in the game around the Wolf

The Wolf of Saturn Six is the first Nightwave episode, and as such the story is narrated by Nora Night, but beyond that several parts of the Nightwave rewards are tied directly to the Wolf, and potentially more.

y38Yn2U - Wolf of Saturn Six Lore Speculation

Saturn Six Scene

At rank 23 we are rewarded with a captura scene. For many of us (that grind Nightwave but have not encountered several thousand Saturn 6 escapees) the captura scene will be revealed next week. It MAY simply be from the cinematic image of the Wolf in the cutscene, but we also may get to visit Saturn 6 in some form of mission. All we really know is that it uses the Kuva Fortress tileset.

Second: Saturn 6
kTpvgff - Wolf of Saturn Six Lore Speculation

Syandana and
NGAAgZB - Wolf of Saturn Six Lore Speculation
armour based off the Wolf.

This is very uncommon to see an enemy wearing a distinct armour set and syandana, let alone to receive those. There's a LOT of inspiration on pieces, but to actually have the same cosmetics that the enemy wears is interesting.

Third, and purely speculation:
GclCL5W - Wolf of Saturn Six Lore Speculation

Umbra Forma

A forma which allows us to apply the Umbra polarity. This is an entirely new addition to the game, and I believe that DE would not allow such an important lore implication to just slip into the game without any real mention.

Excalibur Umbra was a completely unique frame showing the origin of a Warframe being made from a living person. An Umbra Forma must be a really interesting Orokin relic to empower frames with their origins.

1y6UNNE - Wolf of Saturn Six Lore Speculation

The Wolf has an alternate helmet in the codex.

This may be purely a design choice, but at some point, where assets had already been created for the Wolf, a choice was made to change his helmet to one which is cracked on one side, revealing the man underneath.
8TaJ3uR - Wolf of Saturn Six Lore Speculation

Now where have we heard that before? Again, a very distinct parallel drawn to Excalibur Umbra.


My Theory

The Wolf is a genetic experiment. Saturn 6 is a prison where high value Grineer are experimented on to improve them. Their cloning, and the degradation that it leads to, is imperfect and the Grineer have been experimenting with other options. Not only have they messed with cybernetics, and the Elder Queen showed an interest in using a Tenno body for her consciousness, but we still have no idea what their goal is with Kuva.

My thought is that within Saturn 6, the Grineer have begun to experiment with more Orokin technology, namely Warframes. (Their original cloning is already Orokin in origin.) How long do the Grineer have to fight and be slaughtered by the Tenno before they use their enemy's weapons to their own advantage. In essence, the Wolf, or who he once was, is being converted into a primal version of a Warframe which leads me to:

Rhino Umbra

The parallels between Excalibur Umbra and the Wolf are almost undeniable. Both are characterised by their 'howling,' the Wolf's is so integral to him that it has become his defining feature. (To the point that anything before the "Wolf" persona is a mystery) Excalibur Umbra uses his howl instead of Radial Blind. Both feature a cracked helmet that shows some of their humanity (or whatever, you know what I mean) still trapped within.

The Wolf already features some abilities that mirror Rhino's own, he has a fast rushing charge like Rhino Charge, he has a huge health and armour pool like Iron skin, and his howling lends itself so well to Roar.

NQ2IDJj - Wolf of Saturn Six Lore Speculation

appearance is bulkier than most Grineer and he's described as a "meathead" which is very similar to Rhino and his colour scheme of browns and pale yellows sits well with Rhino while still remaining distinct. He wears an armour set and a syandana, similar to how new frames release with matching cosmetics, like Hyldrin's matching syandana.

Lastly, he bears a unique weapon.
ZwhirAU - Wolf of Saturn Six Lore Speculation

The Wolf Sledge is a large Grineer hammer that many have noted resembles Rhino Prime's helmet, a possible further implication of Grineer experimenting with using the Rhino frame to develop their own weaponry. Outside of lore implications this also mirror's Rhino's Palatine Deluxe bundle which pairs him with the hammer Palatine skin.

I believe in the coming weeks we will uncover the experimentation that occurs in Saturn 6, perhaps by visiting the location ourselves. (Like come on, why wouldn't we go have a stickybeak regardless?) The Wolf seeks revenge, maybe consciously, maybe in animalistic fury for revenge for his (partial?) loss of self. We, the Tenno, will gain his trust and allegiance as we did Excalibur Umbra, and due to the experimentation we will be able to ally ourselves with him through transferrance and weild him in our arsenal.


TLDR: The Wolf of Saturn Six is the product of Grineer experimentation with Warframe technology, and will become Rhino Umbra.

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