Working Father of Two Opinion on Nightwave

Warframe13 - Working Father of Two Opinion on Nightwave

Everyone else is writing their opinion, why not me too?

First off, I generally like the idea of Nightwave and understand why DE is doing it; it's a FTP game and player engagement and retention is how they keep the doors open. I can't get angry at them for putting in a system that tries to get people to log in every day. The login rewards were a good attempt but talk about not engaging.

It's not a perfect replacement for alerts but Warframe has a lot of systems and more will be added. Losing one every once in a while is to be expected and for the good and bad of losing alerts, I see it as a net positive.

As the title states, I work full time as does my wife. We have two kids, age 6 and 1. Kids that young need a lot of parent time but they also go to bed reasonably early; older kids are up later but need less direct attention. The end result is that after quality time with the wife and kids, I get at least one and sometimes two hours a night to myself and a handful on the weekend (again, generally after bedtimes). Of course, that's when I'm not traveling. I'm on the road 3 days this week which means I'm working on a laptop which is lets say, potato-powered. That's a privilege many don't have but I can only talk about my own experience. I'm very limited on what I can do when out of town (no PoE or Valis, solo only, 15 fps) but not completely borked. Still, I recognize that many don't even have that.

1K Dailies This should be there tier where you complete things just by playing and so far it seems to be.

This week even when out of town, the daily quests are cake. This week it's "kill 150 enemies with elemental damage" and that just means I need to mod a gun and do something. The kills take care of themselves. Playing on the potato in a hotel, it's two short missions (playing solo, my laptop and ping do not play well with others). A few minutes investment.

Honestly, this is fine; even more so now that I've noticed you have a couple days to do them (are they really dailies then?) As a daily driver to get people logging in, the reputation reward should probably get a boost to emphasize them but it's 7K/wk with minimal time invested. Many times these are also easily doubled up with other missions and thus become "bonus" reputation with net zero time invested.

3K Weekly's This should be the tier that gets you to do things that you might normally do or did in the past but have to plan on doing; it's close but off mark.

There are 7 of these and about 2-3 of these are easy to get done, or at least have been so far. At the other end of the spectrum there's then another 2-3 that require some level of "ugh, really?" Generally these fall into the category of easy, but tedious or difficult for reasons that can't be anticipated. I'm looking at you slot 5 Ayatans and 10 perfect captures. These are potentially bad time sinks; I have time to do them but some of them feel pretty icky and not fun and that's not how I want to spend my time.


This is where the tweaking needs to be done. There's good in here but it's just off the mark. Most seem OK (complete 1 sortie, 3 assassinations, 30 eximus, etc). Complete 10 syndicate missions? Right idea but 10 is the wrong number. Again, these just need adjustment. I'd be more amiable to some of these if they were easier to double up on but a lot depend on mission types that often don't align well with current invasions/etc. Log in and I'm looking for X mission type and Y goal… nope. What about Z faction and Kuva location… just missed it.

5K Weekly's These should be hard and not required to get to rank 30. This is partially true but also where DE has fallen down.

There are 3 of these weekly quests and this weeks are particularly bad. Frankly, I'm not going to do an hour long survival much less 2 of them; that's something I would have to plan for and if I got sunk at 59 minutes by troll or host migration, I'd be furious and probably say screw Nightwave as some others have done.

Even if they weren't terrible or vulnerable to trolling, I don't have the time to do them.

I get it, "not for everyone" and "not required to get rank 30" (technically, you have to do every daily, all 3K weekly, and 1 5K every other week). They're for players that want to prestige, although, the players that can do this have no reason to because they don't need potatoes, alt helmets, etc.

The 5K weekly missions need help.

I like Nightwave.

  • I've fought the wolf, he's a bullet sponge that tickles when he tries to hit you but I don't have any real complaints about him. I'd prefer if some component of the hammer was a guaranteed drop but, meh. As long as the story goes somewhere I'll get something out of it.

  • The fugitives are fine, they don't give much rep but they also fall over if you look at them.

  • The dailies are fine. They require almost no effort to complete except that you have to log in and play. There's no way you can legitimately complain, "you want to me to actually log in and play to get rep?"

  • The 3K weekly missions are in need of help but there's good in there. This mainly has to do with tuning them so that the effort required to complete them aligns with the 3K rep reward.

  • The 5K weekly missions are a shit show. There are many threads that have gone over every part of it and have good ideas. I'll do some of them over the 10 weeks but I'm not going to invest time I don't have. It's vital that this tier improves.

I'll get rank 30 in 10 weeks, I'm doing pretty well at rank 5 now. I'm also optimistic that DE can improve the 3K and 5K missions to get them up to snuff.

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