Wukong Rework Stream Summary

Warframe1 - Wukong Rework Stream Summary

Host: Pablo & Rebecca

Links: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/440369294 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/440381005


  • This passive lets you avoid death 3 times (Basically 45 mutation stacks, if you're Nidus). So on your 4th death, you will start to really die. In Arbitration, this means you have to die 4 times before your ally can pick up those thingies to do the thingy.

  • Unrechargeable. 3 times per mission. Pablo said that it was super important that there is no way for you to benefit from suiciding. He didn't want at all for it to be like, "I kill myself to get this passive". Cause he doesn't want to have that sort of like, really sort of nasty thing, "Oh, I wanna die on purpose to get this buff.". He wants it to be more like, "I prevented death, awesome! And on top of that, I got this bonus!".

  • It's randomized because Pablo thought it suited the lore of Wukong (luck-based/chaotic). If a military Warframe has this passive, then it's probably not going to be random.

  • Mods won't affect the passive's stats.

First Ability: Celestial Twin

  • Q: "Will Wukong specters use Celestial Twin? Is there a chance so we can get infinite recurring Celestial Twins?" Pablo: "That would be interesting, I actually haven't tried. That's a good question that we should look into".

  • It takes your Warframe mods, and there's also a health multiplier, affected by power strength.

  • It copies your weapons & weapon mods.

  • If you only equip one weapon, then it will use that weapon too.

  • If you're using primary, then switch to melee, then the clone will use your primary. If you're using your secondary, and then switch to melee, then the clone will use your secondary.

  • You can mark an enemy so it can prioritize to attack it first.

  • The AI of the clone is set to be more aggressive than Duality's clone. When using melee, it would barely parry.

  • The Augment is like a mini Stomp, with less duration & damage (damage not affected by mods, 25 energy per cast).

  • If you don't have the augment on, press and hold 1 to cancel your clone.

  • The clone's AI will try to avoid nullifiers.

  • Q: "Does the clone damage you with self-damaging weapons?" Pablo: "He does not. I hope.".

  • Q: "Can the clone use the archgun?" Pablo: "There's no way for him to use the Archgun. No." Rebecca: "Are you sure?" Pablo: "…… Uhh…. I don't think there's a way-" Rebecca: "ARE YOU CERTAIN CAUSE WE CAN TRY". They didn't try it.


Second Ability: Cloud Walker

  • Cloud Walker cleanses status effect and heals you.

  • While it's active, you're invulnerable.

  • The clone will still be active while you're in Cloud Walker, but after you exit, the clone will teleport to your position.

  • It's basically Revenant's Reave, but can move up and down too.

  • Won't trigger alarms/lasers.

  • Attacking will still cancel the cloud.

  • Movement speed buffs won't affect the cloud's speed. You won't want it to be faster anyway.

Third Ability: Defy

  • Defy was changed because it wasn't interactive at all and didn't synergize with anything at all.

  • Becomes invulnerable, and absorbs damage and reflects it after Defy ends (like Nyx's Absorb). More damage you receive, the higher armor buff you'll get.

  • Has an armor bonus limit of 1500 armor. Not affected by mods.

  • Recastable, but the buff won't be refreshed. The new value will overwrite the old one.

  • When you use Defy mode, the clone will also use it. It will also get the bonus armor.

  • Wukong's armor = 250. + 1500 = 85% damage reduction (Pablo said that, don't quote me).

  • You can cut Defy short by pressing E (melee) or pressing 3 again.

  • Rebecca actually one-shotted Mot-Vor using Defy (she only charged it for less than 3 seconds, I think).

Fourth Ability: Primal Fury

  • Iron Staff is super long now.

  • It uses the new melee 3.0 combo system.

  • When you're in Primal Fury, the clone will also use the Iron Staff.

  • Pressing forward + E deals non-damage multiplier sweeping attack (big AoE), good for clearing trash enemies.

  • If you only press E, it will deal high damage multiplier attacks (smaller AoE), good for heavy enemies.

  • Aiming + forward + E will poke and close the gap with your aimed target, and deals puncture damage.

  • If you just stand in place and hold the right button, Wukong will stomp the ground and deal big AoE.

Other stuff:

  • Ability popup menu will now show augment stats.

  • The rework is expected to drop this week.

  • 30%/40% chance that the deluxe skin is gonna be ready this week.

  • In Spanish, Pepino means cucumber and Moco means booger.

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