Xaku’s abilities have simple but cool symbolic connections to the Requiems they are based on. Albrecht lore spoilers inside.

Warframe3 - Xaku's abilities have simple but cool symbolic connections to the Requiems they are based on. Albrecht lore spoilers inside.

I came across a bunch of connections relating Xaku to Albrecht's lore and the Requiem mods and I had some fun putting it all together here.

Xata's Whisper

The first Requiem on the Astral Clock, Xata, means Truth. The ability translates to "Truth's Whisper," though I could also imagine it being arranged as "Whisper of Truth." XW gives the user bonus Void damage, which was only previously accessible to the Void touched Tenno. The Orokin had previously believed the Void to be devoid of energy and substance, a plane of nothing. This ability speaks the truth, that the Void IS substance, energy and space unto itself.

Grasp of Lohk

The eighth Requiem of the Astral Clock, Lohk, means Void. The ability translates to "Grasp of Void." This is directly reflected in execution in multiple ways: Void tendrils spawn and reach outwards, guided to grasp onto the weapons of Xaku's enemies. It even manifests weapons from those merely armed with blade, claw or nothing at all. The weapons that these tendrils grasp also are not just stolen but reformed into a Void reflection. If we look into previous entries; Ris, The Void had already manifested likenesses of the material world as well as Albrecht himself, though before that moment it had not been able to fathom the world of Dust. Khra, this manifestation that has now taken his form knows what no other ought not to have known w/o being told. The Man in the Wall had reached out to Albrecht, intent on grasping him. Netra, this grasping had physical ramifications, as fingers of flesh were severed from the other attempting to reach beyond the Door as it closed. And yet, while Albrecht had escaped the hellish plane he still wonders and fears that he could very well be a reflection born of Void that crossed that threshold and not the flesh that entered.

The Lost

At first it seemed both weird but fitting that Xaku's third didn't have a requiem connection. That is, until we all read each of its names.

Accuse, Gaze, Deny.

This is shared by the verse from Ris: In luminous space, blackened stars. They gaze, accuse, deny…


But wait! Ris means Light, ironic to the verse. If the names of the lost three were taken from the verse, then let us put the two together:

The Lost Light.

If we continue to its following verse on Fass: Roiling, moaning, this realm of ours. In madness lost shall die.

The three Warframes were lost to the Void, fates unknown but death clear. And yet, they live on as part of a single whole carried by a shambling mannequin of a frame. These lost dead now found living, these blackened stars, roiling and moaning in their new frame.

The Vast Untime

This one doesn't have a real reference to anything like the other abilities do, but some connections can be made. Ris: The senselessness of it, the paradoxic, the vague untime form… Albrecht continues to list the nature of this untime form that bore his image: a twin but no brother, a reflection but with dimension.

What does this have to do with Xaku detonating itself, using the armor made from the three deceased frames as shrapnel, leaving but a skeletal frame with arboriform vines clear to all to see?

  • Alone but not: Xaku sheds the shells of its former selves, but can still use the powers of The Lost. It is alone, but not.

  • Senselessness, paradoxic, vague: By shedding its armor it becomes stronger, more capable of avoiding damage by assuming a vague, thinner shape. Unlike all other frames who bear armored shells housing Infested flesh, Xaku has a metal endoskeleton possibly pulled if not just simply fueled by Void infused Arboriform strings, with a mysterious icon in its chest. Even the armor of the Lost it wears are empty, fleshless husks that for all intents and purposes should be inert but instead are haunted.

Untime would naturally be the antithesis to Time, Khra, and the shrapnel it sends out not only makes enemies take more Void damage but it also slows them down, slowing down the enemy's own time.

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