You guys remember what Chesa Kubrows do?

Warframe9 - You guys remember what Chesa Kubrows do?

Neither do I. Neither does anyone. Chesa Kubrows’ precept is, drumroll please…

It’s called retrieve, I’ll let you guess why it does.

What does it do? It gather loot for you. No, not like fetch, a mod that’s actually useful. The Kubrow goes out and gets loot, and comes back. And it really hasn’t aged well, as you can tell. This is definitive proof hat kubrows need a rework.

I am here to propose said rework.

Going in alphabetical order we first have the primary offender, the Chesa kubrows.

They’re meant to be the sort of, “hey go get that,” dog, with the original precepts being to disarm a single enemy, and to get loot. Make the disarm affect a group of enemies, and allow it to retrieve said weapons for a slight energy/health/ammo buff at random. Maybe ten health/energy and 1-5 for sniper/bow, 20-50? for shotguns/pistols/rifles for the ammo bump. For the ‘get loot’ gimmick, increase the range a lot. As in, “wait there was energy there?” The Chesa can open crates, so allow it to open unlocked lockers too, grab that loot, break the crates, and be back before the buff that Kubrows actually get. Make the range something absurd, like, three tilesets? Probably not that much but something like that.

Next are the huras. They’re a better shade. They turn you invisible. That’s… cool. They’re the sneaky/stabby boys of the kubrows. The only thing to make them better is to give the invis a timer. Around 10-ish seconds with some damage reduction afterwards. The next ability is… I’ll let you see. The kubrow charged forward, and deals a whopping 160 damage! That’s like, a Garduda blood ball if you killed an innocent bunny, then charged it for -20 seconds. I’m sure the damage scales, but even then. Up the scaling with standard damage mods, allow it to crit, and give it a high chance to proc slash, or allow it to strip armor.

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Next is the Raksas. They have a ok CC ability and an also ok support ability. The CC is a budget Nekros terrify. Meaning the enemies run away from you like they’ve just listened to running in the ‘90s and bae just said they’re home alone. My suggestion: just make them stop in their tracks. Then the support ability. The Kubrow gives you 300 shield. I mean, it’s a little extra survivability. Add in some passive health regen and it might be better.

Now the worst offender right behind the Chesas: Sahasas. Just… well. They dig. They dig up ammo and energy and credits. If you need ammo, you might as well use carrier, energy is plentiful if you have someone running Zenurik or a trinity, and if you want credits, more specialized missions award them better. There’s really no way to make this better, so just scrap it, and make a better ability. How about something akin to rage, wherein the Kubrow takes damage to give you energy/health/shields. The ability to do finishers is fine, as long as it can do it unconditionally.

Sunika Kubrows are probably in the best place atm. They can do a finished and stun a capture target. Except no-one except the guy who got carpal tunnels from using too many Jakobs weapons in Borderlands has a problem with them. So just allow them to knock down some targets. They’ll just bounce between a couple bois then bang bing flex sealed they’re down. Easy peasy.

Tl,Dr: cats>dogs, DE please buff, Ordis, play cosmic background radiation.

P.S: AlLoW kUbRoWs To UsE tHeM s m e x y KaaT oNlY mOdS.

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