You’re a Corpus Crewman.

Warframe13 - You're a Corpus Crewman.

You're outfitted with a simple suit, complete with helmet, gloves, boots, and your trusty Detron pistol. Today (among a couple other tasks) you're tasked with replacing a blown fuse near the bottom of the ship in control panel 24 N-Gamma. Seemingly simple, but you remember that we're out of fuses that fit the socket in N-panels, our last shipment from Venus got looted by a random grineer ship. Who knows what they need them for.

Rummaging through a supply cabinet in a desperate hope to find one at the bottom of the box, you take a moment to think about your standing in life. To be honest, it's not too bad. You work in an air-conditioned environment that's relatively safe (sure, sometimes the odd crewmember gets sucked out to space or lasered by a rogue fusion MOA, but so long as you're careful you're generally able to work a shift without any major problems, and it sure beats being down on Venus working on the Vallis. 'Least you still have your bodyparts where they belong. Plus, despite common rumor, benefits of working for a Corpus ship aren't too shabby. They even have paid sick leave, and the work isn't too difficult. That is, provided you can find the damn N-socket fuse–

Suddenly, the alarm goes off. Banging your head on the shelf above it with a loud clang, you quickly stand up, mumbling angrily to yourself. What could it be? Grineer? Here, in this sector?

Shortly after starting, the alarm cuts off again. You guess they must be testing it (of course, they never warn us. Would it kill them to send out a memo?) and shrug, turning around back to the storage locker.

Found one! It's a little dusty, and the ports are a little dirty, but nothing a little rubbing alcohol won't fix. Gathering up your toolbox, you hear the sound of gunfire from a distance down the hall.

Sweating slightly now, you set down your toolbox, and listen. You hear yelling and more gunfire, this time from corpus weapons. Something about Tenno.

Taking a second to flick the switch on your suit to engage your shields, flexing your arms as the reassuring blue glint of interlocked hexagons surrounds you in a layer just millimeters above your suit. You'd heard that some Grineer dude tried to kidnap a Tenno a while ago, tried to keep it under control with an Ascaris. Apparently went badly and the tenno got away, pissed off his queens or whatever governs them. No wonder, Ascarisi aren't designed to be used on warframes and they're fairly trivial to remove if you're… not a machine. Typical Grineer.

Unholstering your Detron, it chimes softly and unlocks, recognizing you as a valid user. You peek around the corner. There it was. Sleek, shiny, and fast. Faster than anything you've ever seen before. It glided off walls and dove through doors with mechanical but elegant precision, flying through the air up the hallway. Luckily, it hasn't seen you yet.


In horror, you watch as your coworkers charge it and are gunned down, one by one. Jerry from Deck 2….his wife is expecting. Frank from navigation… He was due for a promotion soon. Cameron… still a young kid, new hire.

Shaking, you try to keep calm and think about what you could do. Obviously, charging this demon like your coworkers did would be suicide. You'd recently sneaked a small upgrade to your shields so they're a bit firmer than normal stock shields, but there's no way they'd stand up to his gunfire. The higher ranking techs get to keep a shield emitting drone with them, but you weren't authorized to have one yet. Trying to down him with a shot wouldn't work either, you're not exactly the best shot on the ship and the others' bullets hadn't made much impact, pinging off shields similar to your company's.

Running out of time. He/She/It's getting closer, whatever it is. You remember that there was a weak section of glass in the room just around the corner (it was to be replaced later). If you could just shatter it with a shot or two, that'd put the room in lockdown and give you a bit to escape…

Aiming carefully while keeping an eye on the rapidly approaching Tenno still flying through the room, you shoot the glass, diving back through the door as it slams shut, cutting off the vacuum of space. A small pressure-loss warning light comes on above the door. Silence. Picking yourself up from the floor, you take off running. Gotta tell someone. Alarms won't work, he must've hacked them to stop them. Mashing the elevator button, you pray the pressure-loss lockdown will keep him busy for long enough for you to tell management what's going on. If you're lucky, you might've even jettisoned the Tenno into space…. along with a ton of computer hardware… shit. That's coming out of your paycheck.

Thinking about the promotion you'd get for saving the ship from such a powerful being, you keep running, fueled by a mix of fear and adrenaline, trying to put the thought of your coworkers' deaths out of your mind. Gotta focus on the task at hand: Getting to the upper decks alive to tell the boss so he can send the cavalry.

Was suddenly in the mood to write, so figured I'd write a short little story/fanfiction from the perspective of a corpus crewmember about his first encounter with a warframe and what goes on behind the scenes with the enemy. I hope this sub allows this kind of content, I couldn't find anything specifically outlawing it. (I'm guessing it is allowed, since there's a flair)

I'm not a writer by career, but do let me know what you think. More detail? Less? Part 2 asap? I'm trash at writing?


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