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1.0.7 Damage & Breakpoint Calculator – now supports custom combos

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Hi everybody,

Latest version of my calculator available here.

As always, remember to go to File -> Make a Copy while logged into a google account to use this calculator.

This now supports melee & ranged weapons, includes DoTs, and allows you to enter in your current hero power, crit power, and what talents you want active. You can also swap between legend & champion.

More importantly, I've replaced the massive list of mostly useless combos with a custom combo maker! Fill in the attacks you want in the purple CUSTOM COMBO bar, and select whether they are normal hits or some variety of crit or headshot. The first row of the table (also in purple, labeled Custom Combo) will populate with your choice of damage or breakpoint information for the combo you created.

Below that, I've included all the individual attacks first as normal hits, then headshots, then crits, then crit headshots. This is for you, bounty hunters!


Only a few things remain unaccounted for here:

1) Fireball Staff only has damage/AoE damage/DoT damage for light attacks & max charged fireballs. No minimum charge fireballs yet, sorry.

2) Beam Staff data for the beam attack itself is weird. This at least correctly shows Beam Shot, Blast, and DoTs for both correctly (with Beam Shot showing max charge after 5 ticks of the beam)

Also, as a side note, this all should be accurate for the 1.0.8 beta with the exception of Unstable Strength, which works way differently in the beta.

Hopefully this will be the last major rebuild from the ground up, so I should be able to update this sheet in place and keep this link correct moving forward. I unfortunately had to rebuild to get DoTs working correctly, so the old links are no longer up to date.

Missing anything you'd like to see in the calculator? Let me know!

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