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1.0.8 & – Dev note

chivalry screenshot1 - 1.0.8 & - Dev note


Version is coming soon and addresses some of the current issues that arose from patch 1.0.8. We are rolling back some of the inadvertent changes which came out of yesterday's patch.

Shade Kerillian was broken during the 1.0.8 beta. The numbers she put out with the Glaive were far too high – this was due to her damage being uncapped against some Bosses and Lords. We wanted to make changes to the damage system in the way we synchronize damage from attacks between players. At the same time, we were making fixes to Shade's "Infiltrate" Career Skill. These two changes inadvertently changed the way caps were being applied to the Shade's damage output. Another consequences were multiple misunderstandings and mistakes that piled up to a big mess, affecting the Executioner Sword
, since it shared some of the same damage templates as the Glaive.

The Shade should now work the same way she did in 1.0.7. The inadvertent changes to the Executioner Sword have also been reverted.


Aside from these bug fixes, we also wanted to give her more options in available weapons. Shade Kerillian's "Infiltrate" Career Skill applies a four-time power boost multiplier when attacking while stealthed. We applied individual modifiers to these bonuses to the Glaive and Dual Daggers. We lowered the damage Glaives do when attacking from stealth, and increased the damage from Dual Daggers. This means that Dual Daggers should now be able to kill two Chaos Warriors when lined up correctly, when attacking from stealth.

And while the Glaive – and pretty much every other weapon, completely nukes any regular infantry enemies, when attacking out of stealth – just as in previous versions, they should no longer melt bosses. And specifically Bile Trolls, which were missing damage multiplier caps.

The full notes will come with release, most likely early tomorrow.

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