Warhammer: Vermintide

1.0.8 — Shade is dead, or: “take Huntsman with you”

2603122 2013 06 07 00001 1024x576 - 1.0.8 — Shade is dead, or: "take Huntsman with you"

First off — FS kept damage limiter overflow from beta untouched (any single-hit damage higher than ~255.75 will result in multiple damage ticks, each maxing out at 255.75 until whole damage is done).


Shade infiltrate nerf for duals still in place (only one of 2 hits is buffed), infiltrate light attack on duals now does less damage than heavy (good change, was slightly ridiculous), Glaive 2nd heavy headshot damage was cut, so it totals around 197 damage from infiltrate to the back (~177 front). Oh, and 75% backstab damage still doesn't work, btw (at least dummies doesn't show it working).


Now, don't get me wrong, around 200 damage from one hit is still something to respect, especially if you have purple stuff on you. Though 1.0.8 does decrease her concentration-pot anti-boss damage output by about 40%, vs 1.0.7 dualwielding shade.



Now — Huntsman, on the other hand still gets to enjoy overflowing 1-hit damage benefits. With a little talents tinkering I was able to score 255+253 damage on non-armored dummy with half-charged longbow headshot (no pots were used). That's about 7-8 headshots to boss, if you are incredibly skilled. 255 damage on dummy with bodyshots. Granted, I dunno what multiplier longbow has against "resistant" (Rat Ogre and Co) armor type, but still damage looks very solid. Conclusion: if you looking for quick boss dispatch tool in 1.0.8 look no farther than our Hobo friend 🙂

Shade is still somewhat good, but she's far, far beyond him in boss dps now.


So yeah, gonna ride the cheese wave a bit with Huntsman now, until an inevitable longbow damage nerf %-)

p.s. — rip Exec sword, you and 2handed hammer were my favorite halberd alternatives, now only your brother remains 🙁

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