Warhammer: Vermintide

1.0.8 silently introduced new take on damage limit.

chivalry medieval warfare 16183 1920x1080 1024x576 - 1.0.8 silently introduced new take on damage limit.

So, before 1.0.8 max single-hit damage was hard-capped at ~255 damage. Hence characters with strong damage potential were sometime played with "non-meta" weapons/builds to work around that. Example is Shade using dual swords/daggers/S&D. With Glaive she'd get one hit for 255 dam from Infiltrate, with duals she'd get, say, 175×2.

So, 1.0.8. changes that. Now if player deals more than 255 damage "leftover" damage becomes second damage tick. For example Shade Glaive Infiltrate backstab (on 2nd heavy strike) does three damage ticks now, 255×2 + around 30 more. Hunter's handgun headshot while prowling – 255+ ~40 more.

What baffles me is that FS also decided to make Infiltrate buff only one attack as of now, meaning that with, say S&B 2nd heavy attack from Infiltrate you'll do 175 + like 17 damage. If people counted their options before 1.0.8 think it will change now. Glaive will shine twice as brightly and dual weapons will skulk in shadows 🙁


EDIT: I want to point out that I only quick-tested it on dummies, so that is perfectly possible to be dummy-related bug. Would be very thankful for any in-game testing info (I play Shade irregularly enough and currently trying out Huntsman changes).



EDIT2: It seems the dummies aren't bugged after all (at least in that aspect, they are still fail to display headshot damage for some weapons, unless you far enough). Heavy duo strikes now do less damage indeed, but some crazy stuff happening, because, for example Dual Daggers light attack from infiltrated does ~x2 damage compared to heavy double stab. Still, according to people's comments Glaive >> Duals for Shades, and Huntsman melts bosses on par with her (probably even better, drink str pot). It is a beta patch, after all. I'm beginning to think that maybe it's not a "new take on damage limit" but simply a bug. In other news: dummies are now lost their "skaven" tag, and 75% instead of 50% backstab damage talent on Shade doesn't work.

Thanks to all the kind people who took their time to test numbers both in the castle and in the field, and reported their findings in the comments!

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