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3 Tips on how to make Burblespue Halescourge easier on yourselves.

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Burblespue Halescourge was once such an overwhelming and annoying boss that most people would simply leave and requeue instead of trying it… He has since been nerfed to make him less imposing, but that doesn't mean he isn't still a threat to a lot of people and still I see people make 3 crucial mistakes when fighting him, that if fixed in their game play would make Burblespue a joke of a boss.

All in all, he is like a WoW raid boss and should be treated as such in a tactical sense… Certain mechanics should be followed to ensure a cleaner and safer kill.

  1. The swarms he places on people can be shot when flying towards you, or melee hit on an ally afflicted by them, which removes them as a threat.
  2. When he targets a player with his plague projectiles, he targets one person in particular, you must identify if it is you who he is targeting, in which case you get some distance by moving and dodging backwards, (not to your sides because your allies will need to move in this direction to avoid being hit to) once you have distance, as soon as he fires dodge diagonally backwards and you will dodge between two of the projectiles and avoid being hit.
  3. When he is on the high ground, this is an add phase and like any boss fight in which the boss puts himself into an unreachable location, your attention must be put onto the adds that are being spawned to the fight… Too often I see people jumping up to slash at his feet and then getting hit in the back by a Mauler. Only when additional enemies are clear should damage on the boss be priority.

That is it, follow these three tips when fighting this boss and he becomes trivial.

That or bring a Hunter or Shade with you and force feed them concentration pots if you prefer easy mode.

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