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[4.2 Vanilla + Bot AI Mod] In-depth Guide of Mercenary Kruber Bot Weapon Choice

warhammer 2 - [4.2 Vanilla + Bot AI Mod] In-depth Guide of Mercenary Kruber Bot Weapon Choice

Continuation from my previous post. I realized while some weapons look nice on paper but actually suck when bots use them, so I decided to go all-in and actually try how bots perform in a True Solo environment. This post is just for Mercenary Kruber, will update others as well once I got time.


  • If you have Bot Improvements – Combat> Modded AI installed, use Mace&Sword. If you don't have DLC, mind as well use Vanilla AI.
  • If you use Vanilla AI, use Greatsword or Executioner Sword. Exe sword tends to be more vulnerable but has faster kill time on Elites.


Bots are quite good now. Most of them would find absolutely no problem 1v1ing any enemies, also they'll have no problem killing a funneled horde. As long as you position yourself correctly and not get them surrounded, they'll have no problem carrying you through Legend.

However, if we're gonna talk about consistency or Cata challenge even, then bots would definitely need some min-maxing. I tested the bot's performance when it's surrounded on an open field by some slaves and SVs, recorded the time and damage they took to beat through, or the final kill count if they failed to survive the challenge.

Here's the bonus clip of Grail Knight Kruber with Bretonnian Sword&Shield dealing with 10 Stormvermins.

General Combat Behavior

  • Bots will keep their guard up until they think they've got a window to attack. They'll almost never take damage until their stamina is gone or during their own attack animation.
  • Bots don't kite and funnel the enemies on their own, so a wide horizontal sweep is required for them to effectively cleave multiple enemies.
  • Bots cannot effectively take advantage of stagger, thus a high damage weapon is recommended over a high stagger weapon.
  • Long reach weapon is recommended over Short reach weapon. Sometimes bots miss the very enemy they pushed if the weapon is too short.
  • With some weapons, when surrounded by Infs and Armors, Bots won't know what to do and freeze in place for few seconds. Happens when the bot is supposed to use a Light attack against Inf and a Charged attack against Armor.

Mercenary Kruber Test Results

List Ranked from good to bad. Time/Damage is recorded if the bot has managed to beat the challenge. Otherwise, the Kill Count is recorded. 30Slaves & 5SVs are only tested if the bot has managed to beat both.

Data is average of 3~5 tries. Excluded some results caused by extreme RNGs.

  • Modded Kruber
Modded Kruber30 Slaves5 Stormvermins30 Slaves & 5 SVsNotes
Mace&Sword26sec / 34dmg30sec / 48dmg3slaves / 1SVBots won't know whether it wants to use Light or Charged attack when it's surrounded by Inf and Armor.
Greatsword30sec / 61dmg38sec / 0dmg3slaves / 0SVHorde clear surprisingly isn't great since the Light attack isn't exactly horizontal. Can't set its mind up when surrounded by Inf and Armor. Can consistently beat 5SVs without taking damage.
Sword&Shield40sec / 48dmg71sec / 40dmg4slaves / 0SVWould Sometimes beat 5SVs without taking damage.
Great Hammer14 Slaves28sec / 90dmgWould never use the Charged attack. Surprisingly still better than Vanilla Bot.
Halberd30sec / 59dmg1SV
Spear30sec / 64dmg0SV
Mace&Shield40sec / 47dmg0SV
Sword43sec / 93dmg0SV
Mace27 Slaves0SVHas a serious issue. Short reach, slow swing, low horde damage, bad cleave zone, lot worse than assumed.
Executioner31sec / 36dmgBrokenWould never swing Charged attack.
Bretonnian LS30sec / 74dmgBrokenWould never swing Charged attack.
  • Vanilla Kruber

Vanilla Kruber30 Slaves5 Stormvermins30 Slaves & 5 SVsNotes
Greatsword27sec / 58dmg45sec / 74dmg18slaves / 1SVNot sure why but kiting is worse than Modded against pure Armor. Better against a mixed horde since Vanilla bot only uses Charged attack when surrounded.
Executioner43sec / 66dmg24sec / 113dmg13slaves / 1SVStruggle against Inf horde since Kruber tends to swing Charged at a single Inf and it can't make his mind up. Also takes a lot of damage due to slow swing. Does a lot of dmg though.
Mace&Shield54sec / 89dmg83sec / 80dmg3slaves /0SVA lot better than Modded AI. Only uses the Light attack against Armor so it would take forever. Lacks damage during mixed horde.
Mace&Sword17 Slaves30sec / 48dmgWould never swing Light attack.
Great Hammer11 Slaves28sec / 86dmgDue to Low damage and slow attack speed, using the Charged attack actually makes it worse against horde when surrounded.
Bretonnian LS8 Slaves39sec/ 81dmgWould never swing Light attack.
Sword41sec / 98dmg0SV
Spear45sec / 126dmg0SV
Mace20 Slaves0SVWould swing Light attack when surrounded by more than 3 SVs
Halberd7 Slaves1SVI'm not sure which one is worse compared with Mace honestly.
Sword&Shield76sec / 125dmgBrokenThe reach is too short that it often misses its attack. Also, only swings light attack against Armor.

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