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4th careers. Your thoughts?

warhammer 5 - 4th careers. Your thoughts?

This is probably getting discussed a lot since GK came out, but still kinda wanna listen to people speculating and telling their thoughts.

What do you think will 4th careers be? What do you WANT 4th careers to be? Do you think there might be 5th careers?

So, let's establish what we need from the new career from what we got with GK:
New weapons (We got 2 in GK DLC so we'll take that as a default)
New overall appearance and new voice lines (Watch where you shoot, peasant!)
New game mechanics (Such as GK quests)
And it probably should be at least semi-lorefriendly (yes, chaning skin colours Kerillian, I am looking at you.)
(Tldr Runepriest, MageWhite Lion, Non-bright wizard, Warrior Priest)

I guess here are my predictionswishesthoughts:
1. Bardin will 99% get a runepriest career. It will have potential for new weapons (Runepriest casting thingies? Whatever they are?), new character appearance (It doesn't look even remotely like anything bardin has now) and new voice lines (Probably something about runes? I aint an expert in them dwarfs lore). Also It _might_ be lore friendly… at least in some measure I think.
I have my doubts about engineer since it will definately will not be original (we have an Ironbreaker which can use those high tech pistols and flamers) and won't bring much to the game anyway. Also, engineers tend to be defensive in a lot of games, and Vermintide is about moving on. Also Goreksson was never shown as a clever person, so yeah, I doubt that he could be an engie.

  1. Kerillian is a slippery piece of work: she had a class for each elf ethnicity (WS for Asrai, HM for Asur and Shade for Druchii) but I have two main theories: Mage and White Lion.
    The first one is much like GK: will probably override the "Wood elf strider" role with "Elven mage", and high magic might be new interesting mechanic? Dunno about the lore. She mentioned she had sisters who can do magics.
    White Lion, on the other hand, is cool-looking, can provide interesting game mechanics (for example, the aforementioned lion), will completely change the way character is percieved and might give us new weapons (but we already have two kinds of ax… — hush!)
    Another career — Wardancer — I think is very unlikely. First of all, Wardancers are half-naked and Keri is always wearing that veilmaskhijabbalaklava which would make it look very kinda goofy. Second, it won't bring much new weapons (they just use Asrai weapons) and new dialogue (now seriously, what is the big difference between a Wardancer and a Waystalker?)

  2. Warrior Priest. That is 100%. Nothing else — save for the "Steam Tank Driver Career" meme. More Sigmarite battlecries, a battlehammer (bc warhammer is copyrigh… oh, I see) and probably some "Feats of Sigmar" things similarly to GK quests

  3. The 4th career about flames will be dull and boring whatever way you make it, so it will probably be some other magic wind. Yeah, it is not canon — at all, but come on, Kerillian can change skin colour so whatever. But all other things would be in place: New quotes about GoldIllusionsDeathBeastsLifeother wind, new appearance and cosmetics, and new game mechanics from this new wind. New career-exclusive staves, too. Maybe old granny Olesya taught auntie Sienna some of her tricks.

That's pure speculation and I needed someplace to write all those thoughts. Probably everything I said was said before but whatever.

So, what is on your mind?

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