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70 urgent changes this game needs. Reasoning included

chivalry screenshot1 - 70 urgent changes this game needs. Reasoning included


Hello, guys. I would like to present you a list of changes, which imo VT2 needs. Actually the list isn't new – I posted it on April 22 on official forum, and a couple of listed paragraphs have already been implemented and I would have added 5-10 new ones based on my experience and changes made to the game. But there is a reason why I don't want to add or change anything there and there is a reason why now, more than a month later, I decided to come here to reddit and present this list to you. So let me make a short briefing to explain this reason.

After playing Vermintide 2 on beta and after release I saw a set of serious yet pretty remediable problems, that could potentially inundate this otherwise great game. So as quickly as I could I identified them and made a thorough list of needed changes and posted it afterwards on official forum on April 22, hoping that I can help devs spare the game from problems, weighting it down. I didn't have big expectations though, which you can clearly see literally in the first indent of my original post, and I wasn't surprised at all when my post was either left unseen or not taken seriously. The reason why I made this list, is because I couldn't but make it – simple as that, and I thought that these changes were (and are) really needed by the game.

So I posted these suggestions, they were left unseen (by devs, not by community) and I kinda forgot about them for a while… I mean I did all I could – why bother. But recently one thing happened, that made me remember about them, and made me wanna get a completely fresh opinion from the community about my suggestions. Of course I am talking about patch 1.1.0

The thing is, now we know what FS have been spending their time and effort on for the last 3 months after the game release and why they haven't been making that many gameplay and balance tweaks or changes to game's core. Obviously, they've been working on quest/challenge system, that they've been planning to introduce on game's release, but either didn't fit into deadlines or had to release the game early. Btw apparently this is why they didn't give away trailer hats right away – they were planned and saved for challenges, as well as dozen portraits, which they likely also had from the start.

And now, after knowing this fact, I would love to know if my vision of the game coincides with vision of other fellow players, and so I would love to ask you: what do you think, was challenge system worth this 3 month wait, or FS should have started with other things? And this 70 fixes, that I suggested, is just an example of "other things" that FS could have implemented instead. The thing is, most of the stuff listed in there, was known and reported by players since beta long before my publication, and the list contains 170 links to such examples, coming from official forum only, and I know that reddit is also full of same suggestions and they appear here every day again and again. Like even today, take this one, this one or that one for example – these are not new at all and are of course in the list (paragraphs 1.7, 5.1 and 5.6).

Also, of course I would love to see suggested changes implemented, because, obviously, I consider them important and needed. But that would be too naive to expect that, and as I said, I am here for communication. So please leave your feedback on what you think of this matter – do you support devs pushing the challenge system they'd planned all along, spending most of their time and resources on it, or in your opinion they should have listened to players and fixed problems first? Opinions about fixes themselves are also appreciated, but are not that important.

I publish my list unchanged, leaving introduction and all remarks as is. But reddit only allows 40k characters in the topic, and my topic is more than 80k characters long, so I have to split my post in two (Second Part), and even then closing remarks do not fit. But for your convenience and if you want to read them remarks you can also download full list here as text file, and also I leave a link to official forum, where you can read the topic the way it's supposed to look.

End of intro

I have a hobby of digging deep into games mechanics, not only video games, but all kinds of them. This gives me a special kind of pleasure, usually more than the game itself. Due to this hobby, I always have a special insight on the game structure, on its bad and good sides. Usually, I don't care about sharing these thought with others, nor other people care about listening to them. However, Vermintide 2 got me hooked very much, and I felt sad and hurt, that such a wonderful game, with such a magnificent core gameplay, suffers so much from a set of minor snags. That's why I decided to compose my thoughts into a meaningful topic. I understand, that with a 99% probability I just wasted my time for nothing, but I just couldn't get past this tragedy. So here is the list of things, that according to my opinion need to be urgently implemented.

My English is decent, but very far from perfect. There is gonna be a noticeable amount of tense mistakes and some amount of overly complicated phrases in the text. Sorry in advance.

I only posted here those fixes, that I am sure about. EVERYTHING listed here is, imho, either a must have change, or, when it comes down to less important changes, something that will make the game better without any drawbacks. Of course I have a lot of ideas of how to make the game better, and I could double or triple the number of paragraphs, but those things are arguable and not as urgent. Before adding new content or tweaking gameplay, the holes should be fixed.

All the paragraphs are sorted by priority, which also takes implementation time into account. Though I can only estimate the actual time it would take to implement a particular change, so priority might be a little inaccurate, but overall should be fine. Also the most important changes are in the back under the "Big changes" section. Why so? Paragraphs under other sections are either something, that will make the game better without any drawbacks, or small little features, that are not in the game yet. Things listed under "Big changes" either affect gameplay in a noticeable way or, what's even more important, affect economy. They're the most arguable ones, that's why I listed them in the end. But they're the most needed at the same time. So you might as well jump straight to them.

SUDDENLY, other people also care about the game, and have similar concerns about it. So, knowing this, I decided to see what people think about the changes I am about to suggest. The result was more or less in line with what I expected, except for 2 things, which I am listing in the very end after “Big changes” section. In order to back up my words, I've added links section to each paragraph, so you can see what people think by yourself. I will not be posting all the links, only those, that have a decent amount of views/likes/replies and only from the official forum. I would love to add reddit and steam links, but that would take too much time. Digging through one forum was exhausting enough. Also when talking about community thoughts, mentioning this post is a must. This is a well-done job by wompaone1Mar composing feedback from reddit. It's a little bit outdated, but still very viable.

Let’s begin.

I. Easy important fixes:

Most of the stuff that is REALLY important and needs fixing asap is relatively time consuming, but things listed here are really easy to make, so they might be as well done first. With the exception of paragraph 1, which is the most important change the game needs right now.

  1. Fixed in 1.1.0 – Implementing automatic substitution or leaving only one type of dust would have been a better solution, also easier to make, but a fix is a fix. Original suggestion: Let using higher tier dust as a substitute for a lower tier dust. This means allowing usage of blue dust for rerolling if lacking green dust, and allowing usage of orange dust if lacking both green and blue. (Clearly, you get much more blue dust than green dust as you play the game, and it feels very frustrating, getting so much blue dust that you simply can't use. Not only that, but current dust system punishes players for good skills, which is VERY bad. Green items usually drop from lower tier chests, thus players who play well get punished by the game in terms of crafting. There is also a rumor, that character level affects item color; if so, then a keen player, who levels all classes, is put into even more disadvantageous situation, since they can't open chests with low-level characters for green loot. P.S. I also read an interesting idea of merging green and blue dust (last link). This might be another solution to this problem, as good as the above.) Links: 1, 2, 3, 4.

  2. Failed Do not fix the F2 F2 bug, or at least let skipping cutscenes! (This bug is said to be acknowledged and being worked on. However, the starting cutscene gets old very fast, and annoys players as much as chest animation and crafting speed (which will be mentioned later). There was even a topic created addressing the cuntscene skip, despite the F2 F2 workaround, and it has 700 views, which is significant. In addition, people are used to this workaround, and rely on it timing wise. Removing it will completely jumble early game timings everyone's used to.) Links: 1, 2, 3.

  3. Completely remove jewelry and weapon parts. (There is no reason for them to exist. Firstly, you never want to craft jewelry, so jewelry parts are worthless. Secondly, you get so many weapon parts while farming endgame content, that they don't even matter. And if item parts were scarce, that would be even worse, because people would have tons of scrap they couldn't do a thing with.) Links: no links.

  4. Let players enforce and avoid being a host in quickplay. 3 options: host, non-host, whatever. (People might want to be hosts for lots of different reasons. They might want to be hosts because they have powerful PCs and they don't want to get into a laggy game. There might be an AFK lobby they keep dropping into. They might want to be hosts because they want to play with their bots… or they might want to play with bots only by hosting a game and making it private. And the funny fact, that players already can enforce being a host, if they have a friend, by making a lobby together with them, so this change is not gonna break the game all of a sudden. Same applies to not being a host, although when playing with friends someone has to be host. The above feature can be implemented for solo players only at first, if it is hard to do it for parties. PS If I am wrong and something suddenly goes haywire, this change can be easily reversed.) Links: 1, 2.

  5. Make tomes have higher priority for bots than heals. (Really easy to fix, really important. So many tomes lost, because bots decided to switch them for heals. However, with this change bots should also be allowed to pick up healing draught and heal even if they're holding a tome (picking the tome back afterwards) if: a) They're grey and no real player without Natural Bond is grey. b) They're below 25%, no other character without Natural Bond is grey and the most damaged real player without Natural Bond has at least 30% more health. c) They're the most damaged bot, no other character without Natural Bond is grey, no character has a free healing slot and the most damaged real player without Natural Bond has at least 30% more health.) Links: no links.

  6. Also let bots switch healing draughts for medkits, if all real players either have medkits or tomes. (Medkits are much better on bots, since they can heal other players with them, and bots can't usually give the draught to other characters later in the game, since the slot is usually taken by a tome.) Links: no links.

  7. Show an icon of a character using voice chat. (When playing with random people and using voice chat it is hard to remember which voice belongs to which player.) Links: 1, 2.

  8. Make ammo indication have 3 colors: yellow, orange and red for 50%, 25% and 0% ammo respectively (mb yellow should be even 60%). (25% is too low of a threshold for ammo indication. Usually you want to start searching for ammo at 50%-60% capacity. At 25% your ammo reserves are already critical, and you're saving your ammo for emergency situations (which are bound to happen in Vermintide). And this ammo icon is very important, because communicating about each and every ammo bag takes a lot of time, even for a group using voice-chat. For random groups this is just unreal.) Links: no links.

  9. Remove boss barriers. (Right now boss barriers serve no purpose, except for preventing players from completing a level when a boss bugs out. Or even worse they prevent players from reviving their teammates, making bosses de facto unbeatable as soon as 2 characters die. Barriers are otherwise purposeless now, since progressing through a level with a boss on your tail equals suicide on champion and legend, and although it is doable on veteran and recruit, it is much much easier just to kill a boss, then to let them chase you. Not to mention, that they will catch up to you at the final stand and make you regret everything.) Update: turns out actually boss barriers do have a purpose – they prevent speedrunning missions with mobile characters. But tbh I am not really sure how viable speedrunning is in terms of rewards. If it is not, then there is no reason to have those barriers at all, if it is, then how much? Because if not too much, then it's still better to remove barriers to not punish the vast majority because of the few speedrunners. And even if boss barriers are needed, they still need to be reworked not to punish normal players. Simplest solution – make them disappear in 3-5 minutes. This will hinder speedrunners, while not affecting normal players. Links: 1, 2, 3.

  10. Allow players blacklist one map they don't want to play. This way a lobby could exclude a total of 4 maps from quickplay (4 maps they would suicide-skip anyways). Links: 1, 2, 3, 4.

  11. Improved in 1.0.7 Barrel still needs a 30% blast radius increase. (Explosive barrels still don't see that many use. They have the same explosion radius, as bombs, but bombs can be aimed much more precisely and still sometimes it's hard to land them where you intended. Aiming barrels is much harder, because they roll, because they do not explode instantly, because they can explode mid-air. And not only that, but they're bulky and can backfire. That's why they need to be more powerful to be viable. I think a 30% blast radius increase is the minimum, required to make them at least somewhat useful, but they definitely need more than that to compete with oil barrels.) Original suggestion: Increase explosive barrel damage and radius. I suggest 100% damage increase and a 20%-30% radius increase. (Exploding barrels is an interesting mechanic, a little fun feature that makes gameplay more variable. But while oil barrels have their place in game and are being used by players, explosive barrels lack effectiveness to take their place as an ingame tool. And it's sad that a nearly finished mechanic is not being used just because it needs a minor value tweaking.) Links: 1.

  12. Make it so Victor could also be a bot. (I feel bad for Viktor for being pushed around like that. Also Victors' Witch Hunter Captain career has one of the best passives a bot could have (no light attack block cost) and one of the best talents (Justice’s Bounty).) Links: 1.

  13. Add a button for skipping chest quality determination animation. (After completing your 100th mission or so and getting your 100th chest, this animation gets “a bit” of annoying.) Links: 1, 2.

  14. Fixed in 1.1.0 Speed up crafting. (or implement paragraph 1 of "Big changes" section). (Crafting takes a small part of play time overall, yet to craft something you need to spend a considerable amount of time doing repetitive actions. And that might be annoying as hell, especially when you’re not getting the rolls you need. Crafting should be fast but not instant though, to prevent possible mistakes. Also immersion.) Links: 1, 2, 3, 4.

  15. Make illusion extraction for basic 5 power items free. (There is a lot of illusions in game, and it's hard to remember the look of each and every one. Applying them to basic weapons just to see the look consumes scrap, keeping illusions on actual weapons is not an option either, because this would trash your inventory. Thus, something needs to be done, to allow players see the illusions before applying them. The easiest way to do this is to remove scrap cost for illusion extraction from basic items. Also ideally illusions should be extracted and applied for free after the first extraction, but implementing this would require noticeably more work.) Update: now, after 1.1.0, applying illusions should be made free, instead of removing them, but the idea stays the same. Links: 1, 2, 3.

II. More complex important fixes:

  1. Show talent and passives stats like ammo bonus value, Slayer power buff value and such. Also knowing actives cooldowns would be nice. (Vermintide is like a session based MMO with a shooter/slasher gameplay, and stats mean a lot in MMOs (and games in general). The closest game to Vermintide would be Payday 2, and they have all the stats open there. They didn't have them at the start, but they quickly realized they need them. Same thing happened to TES Online. Why? Because players actively demanded them, because these are not some casual games – they’re difficult and require very precise gear optimization. Also there is zero reason to hide any stats.) Links: 1, 2, 3, 4.

  2. Add character stats: crit chance, HP, damage reduction, movespeed bonus, attack speed bonus, power bonus (percentage or flat – doesn't matter). (same as previous.) Links: 1, 2, 3, 4.

  3. Add enemies’ stats: via wiki, as they did with payday 2, or some pdf file or ingame encyclopedia. (same as previous.) Links: 1.

  4. Make it so charged attacks would not slow down regular attacks. (Right now if you make a regular attack after a charged attack with most weapons, you get a rather high delay on it. I think it happens because weapons (most of them) have a swing delay after a charged attack. This delay is sort of a hack. With it while a time between charged attacks is set to one value, the first charged attack is made a little bit faster. This allows a player potentially outspeed an enemy attack when charging his weapon. This hack also makes charged attack-block combo slower (which is a good thing). The problem is that this delay also works for regular attacks, and it shouldn't be applied to them in any way, because this delay makes a charged attack-light attack combo horrible on most weapons. Why is this bad? Firstly, it makes combat more primitive, since the most effective way of fighting becomes regular or charged spam, without making sick combos or adapting strikes to current situation. Secondly, lots of weapons have a reactionary charged attack which is bad for spamming. With these weapons when engaging an enemy you want to make one charged attack them and then switch to your light attack, until you get a chance to charge again. But because of the delay, charging an attack actually puts you into disadvantageous postion, because you're left exposed for so much time, your next regular attack becomes almost as slow as a charged attack and your dps might even drop down. So with most weapons you only use regular attacks, using charged for armored targets only. Btw there is also a reverse effect that also needs fixing: a charged attack usually takes less time after a regular attack. But this effect doesn't compensate for the problem, because: a) you want to charge attacks during openings, hitting with regular attacks for the rest of the time, so a charged to regular delay is more important than the opposite b) speedup doesn't matter, slowdown does, since it brings a window where you become vulnerable, because enemies aren't getting hit and staggered. But yeah, for most weapons Normal Attack -> Charged Attack -> Block is currently a viable combo. Affected weapons: 1h axe, 2h sword, halberd, Kerillian 1h sword, sword and dagger, spear, Sienna mace, rapier. Possibly affected: Executioner sword (weird pattern, hard to test.), two swords, fire sword, falchion (hard to tell because of charged attack animation) and 1h sword and mace/1h hammer (too fast to be sure). Kruber Longbow is also affected by this problem. Oddly enough, Great Axe does not have this problem and 2h hammer seems to have the reverse problem – after the first light attack charged attack is slowed a bit. PS I could test the weapons that I am unsure about, but that would require a decent amount of time analyzing hit sounds.) Links: no links.

  5. Make Sienna vent 50% overcharge when getting downed. Or even 100%. (First of all this would fix a "cool" "feature", that happens when Sienna gets downed by damage, as soon she hits max overcharge. When she gets revived, she instantly explodes due to overcharge. This is mostly Unchained problem, since you can easily get max overcharge and lose your remaining HP with one charged hit from an elite. Not only that, but Sienna with full or near full overcharge is much weaker as a combat unit. And most of the time when you fall down and get helped you're needed by your team. So other characters can help their team right away when revived, but Sienna has a very big problem with that.) Links: 1.

  6. Make weapon switching, charged attacks, push and push attacks more reliable. (Weapon switching feels much better since 1.05, but it is still not reliable for staffs, zoomed/reloading crossbows, and Kruber's bow. Now for other stuff. As far as I understand the push problem comes from the fact, that right click does not register until the animation of the left click is finished. So if you press right click and keep pressing left click, you're going to keep doing regular attacks, not push or staff charged attacks. And it seems to be true not only for attack animation. When being staggered regular attack button seem to have higher priority than charged attack button. So if you press RMB and LMB while being staggered, you're will make a regular attack when it wears off, not a push. There are also instances, charged attacks refuse to work for no reason. This might be connected to fps drops, but even that doesn't fully explain the problem. Same is true for weapon switching, even though it is much more responsive now.) And push attacks simply do not work from time to time. Actually very often, up to 20%-25% of the time in real combat. Links: 1, 2, 3, 4.

  7. Hits taken from mobs should not interrupt weapon switching. (They might delay, but not completely cancel the switching action. A character should continue switching weapons after a stagger, unless it was a long stagger like Stormvermin push, chaos warrior charged hit or boss toss. Otherwise often times when you get caught by a crowd, it becomes impossible to switch to your melee weapon, and you die because you can't block.) Links: no links.

  8. Fix mobs face-spawning, at least for PC, which is not going to receive performance issues because of an extra dozen of rats. (There is a map where you can instantly get affected by "face spawning" – Against the Grain. You see how the field gets instantly swarmed with enemies the second you drop down the fence. And this is bad. Firstly, it ruins immersion so much. And secondly, it makes the game "unfairly" difficult, because it throws a threat right in your face, with you barely having a chance to react. It is especially "fun", when patrols or waves spawn this way. I understand, that this system is meant to save resources, and I understand, that it works by just spawning mobs when a group passes some control points. Control points are usually located at the points of no return. However, what needs to be done, is the addition of additional control points on some of the maps, most noticeably on Against the Grain and Fort Brachsenbrucke. Festering Grounds, Screaming Bell and Into the Nest also need some control point tweaking. And most of the maps need tuning for mob spawn points, especially specials spawn points.) Links: 1 and all the links from the next paragraph.

  9. Improved in 1.0.7, Worsened in 1.1.0. Fix patrols. (Face-spawning patrols is a very big issue. But stuck patrols might even be a bigger issue, especially on Convocation of Decay and Hunger in the Dark. Other maps also have narrow spots, where it is really tough to deal with a patrol. Righteous Stand also deserves a special mention, because there is a spot there after the lift, where patrols literally drop on your head. Stealth patrols are also very “fun”. Not only the silent stuck ones, which wait for you behind the corner, but also those, that march at you in complete silence. Sound also needs to be fixed.) Links: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

  10. Being worked on. Make all talents, passives, item traits work. (The most important thing, invisibility, has been fixed, as well as some other stuff, but there is still plenty of talents that do not work. I tried creating a complete list of broken things, but I might be missing a few things still.) Links: whole bugs section.

  11. Fixed? Fix the game freeze when switching characters. (Many times while playing the game you end up with a group of people you're comfortable playing with right now. Then you switch a character, you get this bug and you have to leave the party. And you have to start gathering up a decent group from the start. Of course you could try adding some of them as friends, but that's a hinder, such a thing usually becomes a catalyst for a party to fall apart and it also makes you scared of character switching, which is no fun.) Links: 1.

  12. Buff incendiary bombs. There are different ways of doing it. a) Increase incendiary bombs fire damage. I can't suggest exact numbers, because I lack data on mobs' HP, but the damage should be 50%-100% that of a barrel to make these grenades effective. b) Alternatively, burn damage (damage that mobs take when set on fire) could be increased up to a decent value, but less than fire damage (damage taken when standing in fire). This way enemies would take longer to die (compared to the 1st option), but this would make incendiary grenades stand out, cause this would result in a unique gameplay: throwing a bomb and kiting enemies till they die. c) Another option would be to make burning enemies more prone to other sources of damage. That’s another elegant way of making these bombs useful. I prefer options b and c better. (Right now incendiary bombs are almost useless. They're usable only for clearing waves, and even then they can clear one subwave at best. At best, because they’re only somewhat effective in tight spaces. In open spaces enemies just walk around the fire, barely touching it. And even if they catch on fire, the fire is so “strong”, it can’t kill even pink slave rats, only paint them black. Incendiary bombs need a buff, so they can at least be useful against regular enemies, for example at least help clear shieldbearers from a chaos patrol. Alternatively they could serve as a source of group buff.) Links: 1, 2.

  13. Restrain kicked players from joining back into the lobby. (Firstly, this joining-kicking process usually takes a lot of time, as kicked players usually get straight to the lobby they've been kicked from. And not only the kickers don't wanna play with the player in question, but the kicked player usually doesn't want to get into the lobby they've been kicked from. Secondly, people might purposely join your game and start griefing, because they feel aggrieved. The latter thing happened to me only once, but the potential problem is very huge, since it is really easy to get back into the game you've been kicked from via lobby search.) Links: 1, 2.

III. Easy less important fixes:

Unlike important fixes, these changes are more cosmetic-focused. Since they do not affect gameplay that much, their implementation can be deferred a little bit, in some cases a lot.

  1. Redesign bomb icons. (It is very hard to differ one bomb from another in inventory. Compared to Vermintide 1, Vermintide 2 bomb icons are basically indistinguishable from each other. I have a minor visual impairment, and maybe healthy people have no problems differing them whatsoever (which I highly doubt), but I bet less sighted people can't distinguish them at all.) Links: no links.

  2. Let players apply illusions not only to weapons, but also to careers. If a player applies a weapon illusion to a career, then this illusion overrides all individual weapon illusions. There should also be a checkbox for overriding/not overriding red item illusions. (Some weapon illusions fit particular weapon careers, while looking bad on others. So if a player wants a weapon to visually fit the style of all 3 careers, they would need 2-3 weapons of a type with different illusions (let's say 1 skin might fit 2 careers). And that is true for every weapon. And you might want to have weapons with different stats for different playstiles or for different difficulties. The resultant number of weapons is not only unreal to get, but even if you farm them out, they would completely trash your inventory. And the suggested change deals with both of these problems. Also I think it fits into the game logic, since in Vermintide we have illusions, not skins, and illusions can be very well applied to characters (depending on the nature of the illusions).) Links: no links.

  3. Make Huntsman Hunter's Prowl description and Shade Infiltrate description clearly state, that it increases damage (I didn't know these actives increased damage, until occasionally reading that on the forum. And I didn't even try these careers, because from the description they seemed useless. All my friends also didn't realize this and ignored those careers, and I bet lots of other players experience the same problem. The majority of players do not read any forums, they just play the game.) Links: no links.

  4. Turn private/public checkbox in TAB menu into a switch, or make the inscription statically say "private". (Short reasoning: this checkbox is misleading. But to explain why it is so, I have to go deep into details, that might not be worth reading. Checkboxes are supposed to be used when you turn on some option. For example, if your game is public by default and there is a checkbox that allows to make it private. So checkboxes do not show current variable state, but show what will happen if you check them. Toggle switches work kind of opposite to checkboxes. They show the current state of an object, but they do not tell you what will happen after you switch them. So for checkboxes you got to guess their default state, for switches you got to guess their future state. Though it is possible to make a switch, that denotes both of its states, by writing text on its sides. Here is a good short article about checkboxes and switches. As for the private/public toggle, that is present in game, it behaves like a toggle switch, although it looks like a checkbox. And this is very misleading.) Links: no links.

  5. Make Return to the Keep button at score screen inactive, until all players are done getting their chests. (People sometimes don't even get to see the scores, since other player with a powerful pc/good connection can potentially get to the screen really fast and press the skip button.) Links: 1.

  6. 2 second damage immunity for those, who join active games. (This is not a cosmetic change, but the situation this fix addresses happens so rarely, that it makes the change very very unimportant. So when you join a game, you often end up in a middle of a fight, and if you forget to press block, or if it gets delayed, you might take a lot of hits, possibly die (your HP are also not full in most cases). And even block does not save you sometimes, since you might just get overwhelmed the second you join the match. So some protection for joining players would be nice.) Links: no links.

  7. Make it so that damage done to level bosses would count as "boss damage" in the after-game statistics. (no comments) Links: 1, 2.

  8. Add friendly Fire stat. (Would be nice to have this one too. ;-)) Links: no links.

  9. Write down Map name, difficulty, win or lose, # of tomes and grims at the stat screen. (Sometimes you want to screenshot yours or team stats, and it would be nice to have all that data. Not that important, but not that hard to add.) Links: no links.

  10. Show ping. (Having more information is always nice.) Links: 1.

  11. Allow turning off bots. (Sometimes bots can be a hinder, sometimes u just wanna play solo to test some stuff.) Links: no links.

  12. Make weapon traits, that apply buffs, have their own ingame buff icon. Use a weapon icon for the buff icon. (First off, this will show that the buff actually works, because so many things do not. Secondly, it will help to realize how the buffs work. Trait text is rather small and objectively can not contain all the details on the trait mechanic. Thirdly, it is just convenient. Despite being a very important change for traits, I don't give this change a high priority, because weapon traits that give buffs are almost useless now.) Links: no links.

  13. Remove fall damage for mobs. (They're dumb. They follow you. They fall. They die. This doesn't happen too often though, thus low priority.) Links: no links.

Link to second part: link.

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