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A case against running attacks (and skating enemies)

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Think about when you get hit in this game, there are many ways of getting hit, a sneaky rat hits you from behind while you are distracted, you got overconfident and went for a swing while you should have blocked, you get surrounded by a horde and all flanks aren't covered.

There are many reasons to get hit in this game, but there is one in particular that bothers me more than any other(paired with ice skating but ill talk about that in a sec)

I would argue that most hits I take from enemies are from those that start their attack animation from a distance and when they are near you instantly hit you with it. When it's a single enemy doing this or 3 you can see it coming and react, but my problem comes from the fact that hordes do this too, and you can't just keep your block up forever, usually u need to deal with hordes by staggering them with attacks and dodging as best as you can. But these hits i would argue are unavoidable, you can't stagger them, you can't see them coming, the second the enemy is in range it hits you and there was nothing you could do about it.


Am I alone in this sentiment? I feel like running attacks are mostly bullshit, specially in big packs of enemies.

this leads me to the very related ice skating enemies, you've prob all seen enemies start a running attack animation while slowing down, then suddenly speeding up like crazy next to you and hitting you in the face. Is this caused by lag? Will servers mostly fix this issue completely?

I'm basically ranting about how a lot of times you get hit by this stuff that doesnt really feel fair at all. And I'm curious what your opinions are on this. Could be im completely alone in this but to me at least being hit by these type of attacks feels quite unfair. Maybe there's a tip i missed? Do let me know.

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