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A concern about the game modes causing playerbase to become fragmented and why matchmaking sometimes take forever.

warhammer 6 - A concern about the game modes causing playerbase to become fragmented and why matchmaking sometimes take forever.

I mentioned this in another thread, but feel like this needs to be more highlighted as the addition of new game modes are effectively hamstringing the game in the long run.

According to steamcharts.com there is an average of 2454 players in Vermintide 2 over a 24 hour period. For simplicity lets round this up to 2500 players average.

If you have 2500 players online they will first be separated between Modded vs Official realm. How many are actually playing in each mode is hard to say so lets make an assumption and split it evenly between the two. This means we'll have 2500 / 2 = 1250 players on each realm.

With the upcoming Versus mode there will be 4 different game modes for players to queue for.

  1. Quick Play
  2. Weaves
  3. Survival (runestone whatever)
  4. Versus

Taking the 1250 players and dividing them between 4 game modes leaves 312 players per mode. I'm fairly confident not many are actively queueing for the Survival thing though, so lets say 3 modes, thus leaving 416 players in each game mode.

Now, with 416 players in quick play you'd think there will be plenty of players to matchmake with.


Quickplay has 5 difficulties (Recruit, Veteran, Champion, Legendary, Cataclysm) and each one of those is queued for separately. If we simplify this then 416 / 5 = 83 players on each difficulty, thus allowing for 83 / 4 = max 20 active matches for each difficulty.

Obviously the reality is that there are more players gravitating towards one game mode over the others, and one difficulty over the others.

What this means though is if we have 50% of players queueing for Champion that means 416 / 2 = 208 on Champion, but only 208 / 4 = 52 in any other difficulty.

This will become even worse for Versus since each game in Versus will not take 4 players but 8 (4 hero players vs. 4 rat/chaos players) thus leaving even fewer active matches for players to queue for.

Why is this a concern (well, at least for me)?


Because thus far they have just added on new game modes as they went along, thus new matchmaking queues, which continue to divide the playerbase. Some game modes end up taking forever to get a match started and consequently end up becoming 'ghost towns' that are only played by friends / pre-made groups.

Be honest, how often do you actually queue for Survival anymore? Have you queued even once in the past month?

Another detrimental side-effect of this is that the matchmaking time on some difficulty levels take much longer and what do players do then? They start queuing for higher difficulty just to get into a match then hope they are good enough to stay alive or that someone is good enough to carry them. Can't blame the poor guy who is new to the game, low level and undergeared for hopping into Champion and Legendary runs when it takes ages to get a proper group at Veteran, or the option is to run the game with their undergeared bot characters.

I'd like to see the matchmaking queue system have a change to how it is set up.

Instead of locking us to only be able to queue for 1 game mode and 1 difficulty why can't we queue for multiple?

Why can't we queue for both Champion and Legendary difficulty at same time? Or Recruit and Veteran and Champion if you wish? Why can't we queue for Weaves, Quickplay and Survival at same time? Maybe we don't care which mode we are playing and just want any type of game, or simply enjoy having the variety of getting a mix of gameplay modes when we're playing.

At this point where they are now also adding Versus game mode I think some thought needs to be put into "how are we going to prevent the current player base from becoming too divided and fragmented with too long matchmaking queues?"

We're already seeing the signs of less active matches within various game modes and the difficulty levels after the addition of the Weaves, and I'd rather not that the game ends up being "everyone queues for quick play on Legend" and all other difficulties and game modes become ghost towns.

What are your thoughts on this ?

Thanks for reading.

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